The Most Modular MDF Kit Ever Released


Sorry, I’m just excited.

In possibly the most innovative piece of MDF scenery design ever conceived, we’re changing the game and giving you complete freedom in how to assemble your kits. It’s no word of a lie that these new sets are able to be assembled in literally billions of ways. Combine multiple and you’ll be able to make trillions of different sets just from these kits.

See? Bricks!

We’ve got five new sets of construction materials. And thanks to our innovative MDF modular system, you’ll be able to build whatever you want in three easy steps:

  1. Put down a brick (or wooden plank.
  2. Add a little PVA glue.
  3. Go back to step 1.

With the 3 step system, you can build kits as small or big as you like! A small pile of bricks to add a little flavour to your scenery? Easy. A waist-high wall to hide behind? No problem. A complete scale model of the Taj Mahal? Yep! Well, maybe. It might take a while.

Seriously though, we’re releasing 5 sets of bricks and wooden planks, in separate sets. You can use these for whatever you want, but they’re ideally made for decorating scenery pieces or dioramas. Put some PVA glue down, throw some bricks on top, add a little sand or gravel, and you’ve got a super easy ruined wall.

Each set is available in a grab bag with a number of bricks. We’re not counting them, sorry. You get a whole load, which will last you a long while (unless you are indeed making the Taj Mahal, in which case I’d recommend picking up a couple of sets at least). They come in the following types:

Each of these sets are £5 for loads of bits, available now!

World War Warehouse

That’s not all this week! We saw on Teaser Tuesday that the World War Warehouse sets are here today as well.

From the Warehouse Tank Factory set (at the top) to the Warehouse Corner Extraction (second), there’s plenty to use as fantastic cover, or to build your own ruined warehouse.

There’s a Warehouse Entrance which provides a great raised platform for firing down from, and the Warehouse Chimney Stack which provides an even higher raised platform to fire from!

There’s even a set of Tank Factory Machinery (at the bottom there) to help populate the interior of the building. The walkway goes right up to the fire exit, and there rest provide fantastic cover for your infantry.

All five of those kits are available now for £12 for the Entrance, Machinery and Extraction; £14 for the Chimney Stack, and £18 for the sprawling Tank Factory.

But you don’t want to see all that separately, do you?

You want to see the whole Tank Manufacturing Warehouse!

This beastly kit contains one of everything in the Warehouse set (and two entrances – front and back). Because the sets are all individual, you can take bits apart as needed, even mid-game if you really can’t get into the corner of the room. Not that it’ll be a problem, since there’s plenty of open air to make gaming super easy.

This whole set together is basically a whole board on its own, and if you buy it together, you even save money, as it comes in at £70.


All of these new kits are available to order right now on the TTCombat webstore! Our laser cutters are working away, so order now and we’ll ship it at the start of next week (although remember it’s Bank Holiday Monday in the UK, so it’ll be Tuesday onwards).

Head over to the TTCombat webstore to pick up your tank factories and bricks!

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