New Dropzone, New MDF!

There are about 70 new products in store today! Yes you read that right.

It’s a lot!

We’ve got a massive Dropzone restock today, bringing back dozens of units that have been out of production for a while. We’ve also taken the opportunity to add some new variants as well!

We’ve also got the last round of Convent releases. There’s so much to go through!

Dropzone Restocks

With over 50 restocked items, I’m not going to go over every single one. No one wants that!

You can go through the whole catalogue here, so if you want to see everything, head over to the TTCombat webstore now!

So, rather than showing everything that’s out, we’re just going to have a look at some of the new options. With new weapon options, we’ve got a bunch of new units for your armies. Fair warning: Scourge get most 😛

UCM Wolverine Scout Buggies

Wolverines have been around for ages, but they’ve got a new turret option: a Light Flamethrower! Watch out enemy infantry, because these buggies are fast and can kill a bunch of jellies while they’re cowering in a Garrison.

Scourge Raptor Spider Drones

Scourge are starting small, with the Raptor Spider Drones. An alternate way to build Prowler Spider Drones, the Raptor is armed with an Acid Spout. This deadly weapon has Flame, but also has an alternate mode of fire for CQ, which while low Energy, is also Penetrative, so can hurt even the toughest enemies up close.

Scourge Subjugator Arthropod

An alternate way of building the Oppressor, the Subjugator replaces its back guns with these fancy wings. You may recognise them! The Subjugator is a much bigger version of the Despot, forcing enemy units in a massive 6″ bubble to only make one action. This thing is annoying!

Scourge Eradicator Chameleopod

The Eradicator has a new weapon option: the Bio-Mortar! This heavy mortar is low Energy, but covers a large area with indirect fire. It also ignores all Cover and is Devastator-3 for Infantry. If any infantry get caught in the open, they’re pretty much just dead.

PHR Hermes Disruption Walker

The PHR are getting a little tiny reinforcement in the form of the Hermes. An alternate build of the Janus (which we teased in WIP Wednesday this week), this one has no guns. But it uses a Sonic Disruptor amplified across its “wing” plates to mess up any infantry close by. It’s such a disruption that it effectively stops nearby units from searching for Objectives. Uh oh!

Shaltari Alligator Gravcharger

The Shaltari get reinforcements too! The Alligator Gravcharger is completely unarmed, but its weird crest super-charges friendly Skimmers, offering them faster Move and also a higher Move & Fire. Very useful for the other Heavy Gravtanks!

Shaltari Obelisk Ionspire

The trusty Totem has a new option too: the Obelisk Ionspire. A lot more offensive than its cousin, the Obelisk has a miniaturised version of the Ion Storm Generator used on Shaltari starships. It hits everything that gets too close!

Resistance Strikehawk Tilt-Rotor

The Strikehawk has got a new alternate load-out, and it’s a whole unit in itself! The Sentinel Defence Turret is an automated system which has limited use. The Resistance drop them into battle and let them shoot at any enemy troops that move in front of it. With Hornets Nest Missiles, this thing can be very dangerous!


Alright, that’s a lot of new stuff, but there’s even more like the alternate Quake Mortar on the Gladius, the Corsair Interceptor’s Arc Caster, a new Athena weapon system, Jaguar’s Bio-Atomisers, and the Menchit’s new Styx Autocannon!

There’s so much to see, you just have to head over and check it all out. New units mean new rules, and we’ll be back shortly to talk through all the new changes.

You may have noticed that there are still a few units absent from the TTCombat webstore. Some of those are still waiting for new moulds. Most need some new bits as well, so if there’s a gap, it’s time to start guessing what other alternate builds and weapons are on the way!

Convent Part 3 – The Lastening

It’s our third and (for now) last week of Convent releases this week, with some massive sets!

The Convent Cathedral is the biggest Convent set yet!

At £52, this huge kit is an amazing centrepiece for your board. It comes apart into loads of different pieces, which means you can scatter them around your board and link them together with all the other Convent sets and you’ve pretty much got a whole board of scenery already!

Or, if you like your holy places a bit more beat up, why not pick up the Ruined Convent Cathedral instead (as well?)?

This one has been smashed to pieces, and those smashed bits are direct savings to you, the customer! At £20, this one has the height of a centrepiece, but doesn’t take up as much space on your board. This set also comes in two pieces, so you can pull it apart to spread out over your board. Two pieces of cover for one!

Our third set is the Convent Cloister. I don’t know what a Cloister is, but I know that this is a great set! It contains two solid corners, two open pagoda style corners, and three walkway buildings (two of which are four-way joins). All of these can be pushed together in different ways, and fit in with all of the rest of the Convent sets too, which makes this the perfect kit for expanding your collection.

At £28, you’re getting loads of cover and diferent ways to build your Convent sets. Bargain!

And that’s all (hahahaha “all” hahaha) for this week!

Head on over to the TTCombat webstore to check out the full and massive Dropzone restock, or to pick up the latest Convent sets. 

Note that we’re expecting a large demand on Dropzone Commander kits, so we’re advising that there is a delay on all DZC. We’re expecting a 2 week order time before shipping, so bear with us! 🙂

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