Halfling Drunk Casualties & Ladyfolk

Hey it’s Thursday so it’s time to see what’s the crack in Craggy Bottom!

Just in case you forgot. It’s the second week of our Fantasy Heroes releases!  The folks in Craggy Bottom have been up to all sorts.

Halfling Drunks and Casualties

One too many…

Was it somebody’s birthday? Or was it  just a cause for celebration for the spring equinox? The folks at Craggy Bottom like to live the peaceful life tending to crops and their animals but they do know how to throw one hell of a harvest festival!

These gents have gotten themselves into all sorts of situations. Some didn’t make it the night. Some ain’t even gonna remember the night and how are they still going! What is their stomach made of!

The pack has 5 drunks and 5 casualties (they’re all drunk either way), with 10 unique sculpts. They’re available now for £12.

Halfling Ladyfolk

Who the heck has been at our crops again!

There’s new mystery in town. A little bit of mischief is on the rise and for quite sometime now somebody or something has been going at the crops and these ladyfolks aren’t having it!

Armed with their pitch folks, short swords, torches, spears and cleavers the ladies are off on the mission to find what’s going on!

This set contains 20 Halfling Ladyfolk. There are 10 different sculpts, with a mixture in each set to provide plenty of variety. Available now for £20.

So what takes your fancy? The drunks or the ladies? Go check out these Halfling and so much more at our  TTCombat webstore, so head over there to check out the full range.

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