Teaser Slam Tuesday!

We’re back once again, full of chocolate eggs and ready for more releases!

This week we have just so much stuff coming your way – we’re really hitting 2021 hard.


It’s the first RUMBLESLAM release of the year, and we’re hitting it out the gate with a brand new casino! :O

Those of you that followed along with the Desert of the Dead Kickstarter campaign may have seen these already (some of you already have them).

Diamond Oasis is the new casino coming to your RUMBLESLAM games this week. It’s a pair of pyramids housing all manner of undead (and non-undead) creeps and weirdos and people that just really love wrestling.

The Pyramid Piledrivers are the first team for this new casino, and they’re really something!

These undead nightmares have come straight up from the sands themselves with one desire: KOs.

The team has two shambling Shabti (the zombie looking ones), a Withered Master to control them, the Anubti Doorkeeper (the one with a skull face) who is a real hard-hitting beatstick, and finally the massive Yeetle who loves nothing more than summoning the power of the sun itself to lob at enemy wrestlers.

This team isn’t alone, the casino will be rounded out in the coming year with more rookies and superstars as well – keep an eye here for more on those pretty soon!

Convent Part 2

If last week’s trip to the dark and grim far future tickled your interests, then we’ve got good news for you: there’s even more this week!

This Friday we’ll be launching a whole new wave of Convent scenery, all of which is completely modular and compatible with the previous releases as well.

There’s a whole bunch of new Convent kits coming this Friday, but we’re just teasing the Convent Intersection today. Always keep them wanting more, that’s what I’ve heard.


It’s been a fair while since we’ve released any Halflings, and we’re getting the shakes. So this week we’ve got more!

Starting this week, we’ll be releasing new Fantasy Hero models every Thursday. So if you need your fantasy fix like we do, check back in every Thursday for more!


Phew! That’s a lot to tease. We’ll be back tomorrow with our usual WIP Wednesday, Thursday with some more Pyramid Piledriver info and Halfling releases, and then on Friday we’ll have a look at everything new! It’s going to be a busy week, so make sure to stop by.

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