Monday Motivation! To the Canals

Hey folks, hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter weekend time to start the week off with some Motivation.

We will be taking a Gondola down the canals of Venice today, Jon Berrenger Webb has sent us in some more beautifully painted Rashaar miniatures from our Carnevale range.

Starting off we have this outstanding group shot of Jon’s Rashaar. The 1st thing that stands out to me is the really impressive usage of clear resin on the bases of the models to give the elusion of the water splashing. 

Here we have the Magi Rashaar, this one in particular is one of my favourites as with the use of the clear resin it makes me believe this character has frozen the water he is standing on. The model itself is wonderfully painted with all the little details being picked out by Jon.

Next up we have this Raadru from the 2 player starter, not only has Jon gone out his way with the clear resin, but he has also added in the back of a gondola for the model to perch on which gives a brilliant perspective of the size of this creature.

Sticking with the theme of creatures we have this beast, the Raadru, once again Jon has gone out of his way to set the scene by adding part of a wooden pier to its base, with the clear resin he has given the elusion of the model just coming out the water and is dripping.

Now it’s the Lesser Ugdrus time to shine, with this one leaping out of the water ready to catch its prey.

Next up we have the Agalope and the Advanced Hybrid crouching. Once again Jon has added some of his own features to the model, this time we have an inclusion of a gondola pole with the Advanced Hybrid seemingly clinging on to the pole. Once again the effect this gives is outstanding.

Now last but certainly not least we have this terrifying Karcharos, once again the basing detail is immense, and it really helps gives the model so much life and character.

Jon has done a fantastic job with all these miniatures if he has inspired you to try out some Carnevale you can check it out here.

If you would like to be featured in a Monday motivation, then please email us in some images of your models at We love seeing the work you guys do.

Have a great week all!

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