WIP Wednesday – Freighter Special

Guaranteed to not be on a boat blocking the Suez Canal, the design team have been hard at work on some new storage containers for the Freighter Graveyard.

This will be a whole new set that will allow you to make an industrial style, gothic container yard. From long to stubby and currently incomplete (it is a WIP after all!), theres a good mix of containers. This is such an early WIP that we don’t even know if they’re going to go together yet!

This smaller set is what you can expect to get in one kit. Each of the containers are stackable, giving you a good deal of flexibility with how you setup your storage yard.

There are a couple of different styles of container, and the square ones have two different end caps. Both of which should be interchangeable giving you 8 different kinds of container! The little ladders simply slot in, as do the supports to help the containers stand upright.

Add another kit though, and you’ve got the beginnings of your very own shipment map. Whether you want to run and gun blindly or use strategy and aim for the high ground, this kit is bringing you the flexibility to do it all.

This is the early stages though, and only the first set in the range! Thus it’s a perfect chance to provide some feedback. Is there anything you really want to see in this range? These are being designed for you, so if theres something missing you really want with this set, leave a comment below!


5 Replies to “WIP Wednesday – Freighter Special”

  1. I like this idea and think you should offer it in two scales – 28mm and 20mm. We Gaslands/Autokill players need some love over here for scenery.

  2. Container offices would be good, you could even go one step further and have some Grand Designs-esque container-based stacking housing modules. Similarly some parts that could be used to build a container-based rapid deployment military base would fit in well.

    1. I was thinking about housing as well. Either a designed, clean look or ramshackle and improvised. Either way, you would need proper stairs that end on right height. Don’t know how you’d implement it with the more industrial containers. Maybe a separate kit with doors, windows, balconys etc. like the recent “industrial gubbinz” kit.

  3. Something to transport the containers on would be good. Something like an articulated lorry or one of the Australian road trains.

  4. given the quality of your guys output and the price which you sell it for I am forseeing ordering a fair few sets of these!

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