Behind The Code – WIP Wednesday

We have a new member on the team! So its time to go behind the code and see what our newest recruit, matrix-whisperer, Jennifer, has been wrangling with.

Hello! I’m Jennifer, resident matrix-whisperer, server-restarter, and code-wrangler. I took over the web development end of TTCombat from Chris at the start of 2021, and now I work behind the scenes making sure that everything stays operational. Of course, I’m developing some fun new stuff as well, like a revamped front end for Carnevale’s website. So let me show you some of what I’ve been up to for this makeover.

To start, we’ve got a snazzy new aesthetic for the whole site, and a lot of graphical upgrades too! The gang builder has certainly seen an overhaul.

As well as some added parallaxing! Be sure to check out the faction pages when the site is live, and experience this fancy parallaxing effect for yourself.

Don’t like parallaxing? Worry not, there will be an option to turn them off. On that note, I’ve been working a lot on ensuring that the site is accessible to as many people as possible. Including people with disabilities that change how they interact with the web. In that vein, you’ll be able to navigate the website without need for a mouse in the new update. It’ll also be better optimised for screen readers too.

There’s a lot about the website you won’t necessarily see when it goes live. On the positive side, I’ve optimised a lot of the larger images that the site uses. Which means it should load better on slower connections! You also won’t get to see all of the bugs and errors I created in the process, which is a shame, because there were some really good ones.

I hope you’re all as excited to see this go live as I am! I’ve been doing a lot of work even further behind the scenes as well, but it’s always fun to have something visual to show off. Be sure to visit the website once it’s live to try everything out!

Thankyou for the snazzy update, Jennifer, cant wait for it to go live! For you TTAgents, youll be able to get your hands on this very soon, keep eye out for an update.

For all your Carnevale resources and the ever helpful gang builder you can head to the current site here. Those of you looking to dive into Venice or expand team, be sure to swing by the TTCombat Store.

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