Monolithic Teaser Tuesday

Lovers of Sci-fi rejoice, for your time has come!  New Sci-fi Gothic terrain is on its way!

We have brand new Sci-Fi Gothic kits coming to our Cyber range this Friday. There’s a lot to see on Friday, so we’re going to tease just a few in today’s monolithic teaser!

Cyber Pyramids? Cyber Pyramids! Add a base colour, some green paint and a few other highlights and you will have some imposing structures on your table.

Speaking of cover, a few barricades would certainly be helpful! Especially when you’re trying to take control of this Monolithic Pylon (I did say it was a monolithic teaser).

Now, naturally this is only a taste of what is coming with this weeks releases. There is plenty coming to expand on our Sci-Fi Gothic range and your gaming table!

So swing by the TTCombat webstore this Friday for the full release and all the details!

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