New Cyber Releases

Its Friday, Which can only mean one thing, well two if you’re watching Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but more importantly we have new Cyber releases!

We’re expanding the Cyber range in a bunch of new ways this week, whether you’re looking for corner ruins, monoliths, barricades, or centrepieces, there are a lot of Cyber goodies to get your hands on!

Although one quick announcement first:

Dropzone Commander Back in Stock

That’s right, Dropzone is back in the webstore! We’re catching up on our production at a swift rate, and were able to put a bunch of Dropzone miniatures back in stock this week.

Although there are still a fair few that need new moulds made, everything else is available, and we’ll be starting our classic Dropzone restocks very shortly too.

Onto this week’s new releases…

Cyber Ruined Relay Hub

First up is the Cyber Ruined Relay Hub. A two story kit that is split into four main sections, allowing you to create more surface coverage and that all important line of sight blocking.

All of the four pieces can be combined together to make a more intact Relay Hub, but they can be split up and used separately. With 2 storeys to stand on, this is a great spin on the typical corner ruins you often see in the far future.

Coming in at £20, this chonkers of a kit will be an excellent addition to your table.

Monolithic Pylon

Teased on Tuesday, the Monolithic Pylon (coming in at 33.6cm tall!) can be a towering centre piece to your table for objective based gameplay or to just look fancy, the decision is yours.

It’s also a steal at £12!

Cyber Pyramids

Sadly you cannot plunder any rewards that may lay inside The Cyber Pyramids. However, they can become some imposing scenery and are great for line of sight blocking. Perfect for filling out your table.

These Cyber Pyramids are small to medium sized, which means they sit somewhere between buildings and scatter scenery. That’s why we put two in a pack! With loads of raised detailing, they’re something you’re going to want a few of to detail your board.

The Cyber Pyramids are in the store now for only £12!

Pylon Tetrad

Last but by no means least of our Cyber releases, we have the Pylon Tetrad! These little guys are perfect scatter scenery for filling out your table or use as objective markers. They make a perfect companion piece for the Monolithic Pylon.

The Pylon Tetrad is instore now for only £9!

Warehouse Pallets

So this may not be Cyber but our Warehouse Pallets have received an overhaul! Even easier to construct, entirely in MDF (no more messy hands or loose greyboard construction) for a total of 42 pallets! Plenty to pile up or scatter around your City Streets. Available now for £8.

Thats all folks! Well for this week at least. Head over to the TTCombat store where all these new kits are available now. There are plenty more photos for you to delve through too.

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