Super Fantasy New Releases

Welcome to the Fantasy Realms! It’s fancy building time.

A few announcements before launching into today’s new releases.

Carnevale Back in Stock

That’s right, Carnevale has been restocked. For those that missed it, we’ve had all of our resin out of stock whilst we deal with covid, catch up on outstanding orders, and reorganise our production facilities.

Last week RUMBLESLAM came back, and this week we are all restocked on Carnevale! Head over to the webstore to pick up all those miniatures you’ve been waiting for!

For those wondering about the order of our restocks: we’re doing it on a mould by mould basis, starting with the smaller ranges and working upwards. That means that Dropfleet Commander will be next, followed by Dropzone Commander after that. Those models are beautiful and some of the most detailed on the market, but that’s a lot of moulds to be made and updated and run!

New Fantasy Heroes Kickstarter Live

In other news, our brother and sister trolls have launched a brand new Kickstarter! The new KS campaign is to fund production of another range of Halflings, as well as Ogres and Goblins. It’s live now, so head over there.

You may even find a few welcome faces, like this brand new RUMBLESLAM team!

New Fantasy Realms

Phew! With those two massive things done, we’ve still got a bit of time to talk about our new releases this week!

We’ve got four new (and pretty massive) kits for Fantasy Realms! In order:

Fancy Hat’s Townhouse is a fairly large kit, incorporating 2 storeys (that are removable for interior gaming), some truly intricate detail, and even a sun and moon statue for sitting out front. This is a real nice big kit, coming in at £21.

The Briar Rose Cottages are next. You get two of these cute little houses in the set, again with removable roofs for gaming! They’re great for blocking line of sight, and filling out your table. For £12, what’s not to love?

Next is the biggest new kit this week: Captain Bamboozle’s Wizard Tower! He’s a captain, he’s a wizard, he’s the whole package… as is this kit (nice). It’s four layers of awesome, with winding stairs, a front lobby, exterior balconies and layered roof tiles, it’s a really amazing kit that makes a fantastic centrepiece, for £22.

Finally, it’s Agatha’s Stone Moon Tavern, another massive kit! A true fantasy house, this kit is a thing of beauty! The angled walls and layered roofs are a real marvel of MDF engineering, making the whole thing look like it’s held up with magic. I’d advise using PVA glue though. This one is an absolute steal at £19.

You may notice the construction icons in the corner here. If you’re wondering what they’re all about, then head over to the instructions page, where all is explained. The inner piece shows how long it’ll take, and the outer piece (and colour) shows the level of difficulty. So some of these kits will take a good day of construction for expert level builders. These are a new addition we’ll be adding to all of our kits, guiding you all to make the most informed purchases.

And that’s everything this week! All of our new kits are available in the TTCombat webstore right now, so head over there to have a look and see all the different pictures.

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