Gomorrah Cards WIP WED

We’re delving into the depths of Gomorrah for today’s WIP Wed…

Hello Rumblefans! Don’t say we don’t do anything for you. Today we’ve braved the chains and cages and spikes and icky stuff that makes up Gomorrah. Just to bring you an early WIP of the brand new booster box they’ll be getting soon!

Cards & Rules WIP

We’ve been working hard writing some cool rules and spending our days playtesting the new characters on their way to reinforce the Twisted Shadows. Did I say “working”? Does it count as work when you get to throw down in the ring?

We’re currently getting the last bits of balancing done on the new team. When we do playtesting like this, it’s nice to get the cards made up early, at least as mock-ups. That way it’s easy to see mid-game and makes testing a lot more fun than having to refer back to scribbled notes!

When I say these are WIP, the most obvious tell is that they’re marked as Rolling Bones – don’t worry, they will be Gomorrah in the end.

The Shadow Flayer is probably my favourite new character. As you can see from his card, he doesn’t look like he’ll be much of a powerhouse. In fact, other than above average DEF and DEX, he’s one of the worst WEIGHT 1s around. His Tentacle Grab doesn’t even do any damage, just Dazed!

But what does Void of Misery do anyway? Well this is the current status, although as I type this, Joe is currently cutting out some new cards for a game tomorrow, so things may have changed already! We print out a back and a front and wedge them into a card sleeve to make our playtesting cards.

Void of Misery looks pretty fierce! You can simply stop an opponent’s Crowd Pleaser from working. Ouch!

Painting Desk

It’s not just us playtesters that have been busy though, Fin has also had the Shadow Flayer team on his painting desk!

This is an early WIP he’s sent us to share, concentrating first on getting the skin tone right. The tentacles make up 50% of this model, so it’s worth spending some extra time to get those blends right.

Since that picture he’s actually got a lot further and finished this little wrestler off! All he needs it to be clipped from his painting stand and stuck (carefully) to a clear base. Maybe I’ll even get to use him in a playtesting game? So long as Fin doesn’t find out, it might be fine (he doesn’t trust me not to drop the studio models… and he’s probably quite right to, given my track record).


That’s all for today! I’m not spoiling anything else for now. This booster pack is on the way shortly, but don’t forget that all of the RUMBLESLAM range has been restocked and is now available in the TTCombat webstore!

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  1. Ooo, the flayer looks great. I like that sort of tentacle structure for painting, and they should fit right in next to the Shadowling.
    Need to see squids versus mushrooms!

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