New Sprays, New Fantasy, RUMBLESLAM!

It’s a big day today! New sprays!

We’ve got three items of news today, let’s start with restocks!


We’ve had resin out of stock for a little while as we catch up with orders, rework our resin department to deal with COVID, and also restructure things to work a little better.

However, we’ve now hit a stage where we’re starting restocks! We’re doing a range at a time, after spending a while making a bunch of sets to fill up the shelves.

Our first range to get restocked is RUMBLESLAM (the smallest one!). All our RUMBLESLAM wrestlers are now back in stock, so if you want to start fighting in the squared circle, or need some new recruits for your stable, head over now and check them out!

Spray Primers

Possible the most exciting new release today is our full range of Spray Primers!

We have 26 different paints available!

That’s a lot of colours!

You can buy any (or all) the colours right now in the TTCombat webstore.

But what colour is right for you? Well, we’ve made it super easy. We made a whole load of MDF kits (it’s Streets of Venice Villetta Barbara FYI) and got a bunch of famous superstar Gun and tested them out!

As you can see, Black Spectre is an excellent undercoat! These models were sprayed in one coat, and it covers amazingly. I was super impressed with the coverage – we didn’t even use any primer on the MDF.

Black Spectre is now available for only £7.50!

Alternatively you could go with a primer coat of White Sphere. This one is also super good for undercoating. Gun here only took one coat for a brilliant white finish, although I gave the MDF a light spritz to start, followed by a full coat to make sure everything was covered.

White Sphere is also in store for £7.50.

And there are so many more to choose from! What about Capodecina Red for your Carnevale models?

Or Spotlight Yellow for your RUMBLESLAM ring? This one was incredible, giving fantastic coverage over the resin and MDF with just one coat – I’ve never seen yellow with such good pigment.

This one is Poster Boy Blue, which is excellent if you want to paint your Galaxy Knights like the box art.

How about Strigoi Flesh? This cold off-white is perfect for undercoating, particularly if you’re using some of those new-fangled paints that promise to give contrast to your models in just one coat.

Or maybe Vega Bluegrey? It’s the perfect colour for base coating your colony ships that were stuck out in space when the Scourge attacked. Or maybe if you want to paint an army of Cosmos Canines from Fightwrench 50K? Don’t sue me, Popular Games Company.

All of our new colour Spray Primers

Savage Domain: Cogs of War

But that’s not all! Almost eclipsed by this week’s big release are 3 brand new sets for Savage Domain in our Fantasy Realms range!

The Savage Domain kits are all modular, so they can be assembled in thousands of ways. Using a simple pin system, you just slot together the kits in whatever way you want, combining multiple sets for truly unique gaming boards.

The Locking Water Wheel is our first set, and it’s a big one!

While the big water wheel and building is the main attraction here, we can’t ignore the intricate design of the cogs that make up the platforms. It’s kind of steampunk, and completely modular! You can take those walkways and stairs out and put them in any order, using the handy pins to slide them into the walls.

Savage Domain: Locking Water Wheel is available now for £20.

Savage Domain: Centre Wheel Dais is our next kit, and it’s super thematic!

The cogs give way to arcane symbols, maybe some kind of ancient summoning ritual? Difficult to say. Maybe the cogs have to all line up to make the magic work.

Regardless, the magic of this kit (nice segue there) is that it’s super easy to assemble, provides multiple levels to your games, and comes with some unique cog-style barricades too.

Oh and the real magic is that it’s only £10!

Our final new kit today is the biggest one!

Savage Domain: Mainspring Mill is a real centrepiece! It’s not just good looking though, it’s also super playable! With three large platforms providing cover and height, you have somewhere to forge your weapons, a rack to hang them while they’re cooling, and a windmill to keep the fires burning. There’s also a smaller joining platform and 4 walkways too. All of which can be assembled in about a thousand different ways, making this another epically modular kit!

This last one is available in the store for £24.


Phew! So what’s got you excited? New Savage Domain scenery is always an exciting week, but maybe the sprays are even more exciting? Or maybe you’ve been waiting on the edge of your steel chair for RUMBLESLAM to come back into stock?

Whichever one you’re after, stop listening to me chat, and head over to the TTCombat webstore to check them all out!

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