The Mayans Have Spoken

And they said: WIP Wed!

Cyber towers! We’ve got obelisks and monoliths already, and now a brand new one on the way soon to even out the playing field.

If you are anything like me, you will have a affinity for all things seeming to be dead. Zombies, weird mutated creatures and the like, and particularly mummies. Hence this new little creation from yours truly: a Cyber-style dice pyramid!

The living dead are sneaky characters so you may need something to even out the playing field. Such as something to add a bit of randemonium (it’s a real element, don’t look it up) to your dice rolls. The Cyber Dice Pyramid is designed to roll the dice for you ensuring no strategic drops while keeping the cyber aesthetic on your table top.

With some design inspiration drawn from ancient Mayan temples this Pyramid will strike some fear into your opponent. Living or undead.

There’s still some more to be done on this bad boy, but keep an eye on the TTCombat webstore  and right here on the community page for when it will be unleashed.

Stay safe homies, don’t let the scarabs bite.

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