Monday Motivation – Who let the pigs out!

Hi guys, it’s that time of the week again… MONDAY MOTIVATION!

This week we’ll be checking out some brilliantly painted Halfling miniatures by Steve Davie Trigg. These miniatures are from our ever-growing range of Fantasy Heroes.

First off we have these awesome pig riders. I’m a really big fan of the use bright pink to make the model really pop on the tabletop. Alongside this I love how each platoon of heavy Halfling pig riders has it’s own theme going on with the pink, white and black pigs.

Next up we have a really cool Halfling goat rider battle standard bearer and a shield maiden walrus rider queen, both of which look amazing. Once again the use of a bright primary colour helps make the models really standout.  On this photo you can see the impressive basing Steve has used.

Here you can see an impressive group shot of his Shield maiden Walrus riders.

Last but certainly not least, not to mention my personal favourite the Halfling pot launchers. Not only is it naturally a really cool model but I love the way Steve has painted these, bright contrasting colours making the pots themselves really standout, especially against his brilliant basing scheme.

That is all for this week guys, if this has motivated you to paint some Halflings then check out our range here.

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