WIP Oasis Wednesday

Good afternoon my little rays of sunshine! Anyone here order some of our Desert of the Dead by any chance? We have a scorcher of a treat for you.

Introducing the Pyramid Piledrivers for RUMBLESLAM. The team that will bury you in the sand, attack with undead wrath and just all round eviscerate your opponent with magic.

This brand new team was first available during the Desert of the Dead Kickstarter campaign, but will shortly be coming to retail for anyone that missed out. Not only that, but they’ll be getting their own casino: Diamond Oasis.

Our resident painter Fin is painting his little heart out while we have a temporary hiatus from our resin sales. No rest for him!

Just a few undead rookies for the square circle to get the battle started.

Good ol Yeetle is also getting some fancy paint treatment. Just a big sun left to paint!

And the KING!

While they’re the new team on the block (well, sand dune) they will not be deterred – no amount of COVID or resin shut down will stop them from fighting their way to the store shortly!

Although we don’t have a definite date for their release yet, be sure to keep an eye on the TTCombat webstore  and right here on the community page for when they will be released. Stay safe homies, don’t let the scarabs bite.

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