Teaser Motel Tuesday

Ready to check-in?

This week we’re going back to City Streets for the first time in a while!

On Friday we’ll be re-releasing a big ol’ motel, redesigned and glorious! Alright, it’s a bit run-down and shady, but that’s what motels are meant to be.

We’ve got three new motel sets, which you can combine together to make a complete complex. However, even on their own these kits look great! The Corner Room section above is a massive kit, with 6 rooms. The roof and floors are removable so you can get into the rooms, and it handily splits down into three different buildings (and the staircase) which makes moving things around easy, and means you can store it well.

The Standard Rooms here have been expanded. Not only do you get the one block with 2 rooms, there’s also a stairwell too, and a cute little ice machine!

And there’s a two-storey reception, with a cool advertising board (free wifi – score!), and a couple of handy vending machines to lend a little legitimacy to your sleazy establishment.

Add them all together and what do you get?

A whole motel corner!

Combining the kits together is super easy – they all have flat walls so they sit neatly up next to each other. Nice!

All these kits (plus one extra I’m not spoiling today) will be available on the TTCombat webstore on Friday – it’s good to get back to the City Streets again. 😀

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