Le strade di venezia

The streets of Venice brought to you live and in technicolour.

Monday Motivation is the highlight of my week. Mondays are usually quite mundane but with this kind of motivation who can complain. That all rhymed without intent, nice 🙂

This week’s motivational treat is brought to us by Jason le Peintre. He’s painted a great looking Streets of Venice board!

Upon receiving these images my little heart was filled with joy. Some serious time, skill and effort went into painting this scene. I absolutely love the vibrant colours of the buildings and the detailing in the ‘water.’

An aerial view of this masterpiece just shows off the use of colour bringing this mini version of Venice to life. Who wouldn’t want to play a campaign on this?

While Carnevale can be a pretty dark and miserable place, the city of Venice certainly isn’t! Jason has used some amazing bright colours on his buildings, and the neat painting on the street tiles really helps to show off this fancy part of Venice.

This fountain though! Is my absolute favourite part of this entire set. It kind of makes me want to downsize myself and be on the board. The realistic paint job and added resin water just blows my mind.

Take a look at our Streets of Venice scenery and see if theres anything that inspires you to create your own version of Venice.

And as always, if you have a project you are proud of and wish to have shown on  future Monday Motivation, then please send us some pictures to info@ttcombat.com.

Have a great week my darling humans.

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