Park Your Car in New Releases

It’s a City Streets relaunch day, and there’s lots to see!

Today we’re taking a handful of old City Streets kits, knocking them into their MDF components, and building them up from scratch into brand new, remastered sets.

You might have been waiting for a while for these, so let’s waste no time and have a look, shall we?

Multi-Storey Parking Lot

The old car park has seen a complete upgrade, both visually and in construction!

The Multi-Storey Car Park kit is a real treat for builders who want to expand their board. The basic construction is relatively simple, but the sneaky part of this kit is that you can expand it both outwards and upwards!

Designed to back up to another set or even stack upwards, this is truly a multi-storey set! It comes with plenty of space to play, and loads of barriers to take cover behind. It also comes in a few components (including a stair case) that clip together, so you can take it apart for easy storage.

The set even comes with an entry barrier and a pay station!

This massive kit is available now, for only £16 – that means you can happily double them up for a really tall parking lot structure.

Motel 66 Standard Room

Next up we have the Motel 66. We saw a sneak peak of these kits on Tuesday. The Motel 55 Standard Room contains two separate buildings: a two-storey set of two rooms, and also a handy staircase to get up to the top floor.

In these Motel sections all the floors and roofs are removable, so you can easily get your hands in there. That means taking cover behind the walls and shooting zombies out the windows is totally possible! Oh and did I mentioned the ice machine? It’s cool!

The Motel 66 Standard Room is available now for £16.

Motel 66 Reception

Next up in the Motel series is Motel 66 Reception. This is where you go to get a room! It’s got a little desk downstairs, a balcony to hide on (although it’s not very accessible – all the better for zombie hunting), a big ol’ sign, and also two vending machines (one selling Orka-Cola).

All of these motel sections are modular – they can be put next to each other with almost no gap, so you can make a whole complex. And this is an excellent end section.

The Motel 66 Reception is actually a Beginner level kit that should take about an hour to build – the easiest and quickest of all this week’s sets! If you need a hand with our new handy construction icons, check out this page. It’s available now for £12.

Motel 66 Corner Room

Our final new kit today is the Motel 66 Corner Room. If you’re looking for a little more space and comfort, why not go for one of these deluxe rooms?

This set comes apart into a few pieces: there’s a standard room, two corners (split apart for easy storage) and also the staircase section. The end barriers are entirely optional, and you can make the stairs in either direction, so you’re free to setup your motel however you see fit!

As before, every floor here is removable, so you’ll be able to play your games with ease, getting into the corner as best as possible, so there’s no hiding from whatever super villains are chasing you.

This is the biggest set this week, coming in at £28.

All of our new releases are available to pre-order now, so head over to the TTCombat webstore and have a look at these great new updated MDF kits!

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