WIP Suburban Wednesday

Turning the corner into the City Streets, what’s that? A WIP?

Today we’re taking a stroll down MDF lane, with some brand new City Streets kits coming soon! Real soon.

Well, I say “new”. What I really mean is “updated and remastered”.

You see, in early 2020 we took some of our older City Streets kits off sale to be redone. Some were a bit tired, and others needed some adjustments to make them fit together better and be better for playing games with.

And then everything kicked off! So unfortunately they’ve been out of stock for a little while. Not for much longer though! In a few weeks we’ll see some updated Suburban Houses back in stock. Like what?

The classic design has been updated a little. Some of the houses are a bit smaller, and some are a bit bigger. They’ve been changed around a bit to fit on our MDF sheets a bit better, making for better value!

They’ve also been made easier to assemble. The Suburban Houses were some of the older kits in our vast library, and we’ve learned a lot since then!

One of the big things is: do not make greyboard roofs! They look pretty neat since they have a simple fold along the centre, but they collapse under even the slightest amount of use. So these kits are 100% MDF, baby!

Because we’ve played with sizes of buildings, there’s also hardly any wasted space on the sheets. Any empty areas have been filled up with extras like picket fences and this super cute dog kennel!

And because the roofs are now MDF, they’re so much more sturdy for playing with. Every build has removable roofs to make your games immersive and easy to play. The way they come apart has been changed too, allowing for maximum use. They slip right off and slide back on without the need to line up tabs or anything. Snug fits all round.

It’s not just the Suburban Houses that are getting redone, and there are also one or two other surprises coming your way too. Keep an eye out right here on TTCommunity for more info!

If you can’t wait and want to start your City Streets board right now, head over to the TTCombat webstore, where there are plenty of kits in stock and ready to be ordered now!

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