Teaser Tuesday in the Industrial Slums

Time to take a trip down into the slums of the industrial hive in this week’s teaser!

Last week we released our new Sector 4 kits, and keeping with the industrial feeling, this week sees the release of a mathematically questionable half of it in Sector 2!

The first of our reveals today is the Slum Shanties, as you’ve no doubt come to expect from our Industrial Hive kits, it’s incredibly modular. With walkways, stairs and a few angled connector parts you can arrange even this single kit in a myriad of different ways.

Sector 2 has a couple of different styles of floor plan. Some sections are square, some triangular. These parts let you go from triangles to squares, great for mixing up those board layouts.

Just like the sections before, these let you switch up floor plans across the greater Sector 2 range.

The Sector 2 Slum Warrens look like they’d be perfect as the ground floor to a sprawling city looming above. Vertical compatibility with the other Sector 2 kits and horizontal compatibility with the rest of the INH range is going to let you make sprawling hives with no two layouts needing to be the same.

That’s not all we have for release on Friday. We have two more kits ready in the wings, for a total of four new kits! You’ll have to wait till Friday to find out what they are though!

If these under-urban sprawls are your kinda thing then check out the rest of the INH range here.

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