Monday Motivation Trip To Venice

Now I appreciate that with our resin temporarily on hiatus, this is kind of a tease. However, I couldnt pass the opportunity to share some excellent paint work sent in by Peter Barna.

First up is Dr of the Mind from our Aether-Psychology set!

Painting is one of those things thats very subjective but I find the colour choice very distinguished and the glow effects are certainly eye catching!

From Beast Tamers, Peter brings this monster of a Winged Gorilla!

Where there are beasts you need a handler. Good job a Doctor of the Beasts has sneaked out of the Monstrous Menagerie to keep things in order!

Great Job Peter, you have tied all these models together very nicely!

If you fancy a trip through Venice, you can check out our newly released 2 player starter Escape From San Canciano.  It has everything you need to get started!

If you have a project you are really proud of then please do send us some pictures to Have a great week everyone

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