New Releases – MDF is back!

We’re back to MDF releases, and we’ve got a lot to show!

Welcome to the first MDF release of the year! We have wood arranged in all different shapes and sizes. Who wants to see?

It’s an Industrial Hive sort of week, and we have three massive new Sector 4 complexes, as well as our cool new gubbinz.

Construction Icons

But before we start, you will notice that we’ve got some new icons accompanying our MDF kits. We’ll be adding these little symbols to all our new kits, which hopefully should help you see how difficult kits are to build, and how long it’ll take to build each.

There are two elements to these icons: time and difficulty.

The time it takes is somewhere between an hour and a weekend or so, determined by a little clock (or pie I guess).

Then difficulty is somewhere between beginner and expert, shown in colour and little lines around the outside. Although both beginner and intermediate are good for first time builders, and even advanced isn’t too tricky.

Industrial Hive

And with that let’s have a look at the new kits!

Sector 4 – Plasma Relay

We saw this one first on Tuesday, and now it’s time for ordering!

This new set has a whole load of pipes, walkways, and just a bunch a stuff!

Sector 4 is all about pipes, and this set has some great ones! All of these pipes are super fancy, with layered MDF simulating the coils of a plasma relay.

There are also 2 arc reactors with walkways going round, so you’ve not only got some great line of sight blocking, but also some vantage points. Speaking of line of sight blocking, check out the plasma generators! 3 of those are included in the set, and they’re real interesting! With layers of stacked MDF, they’re great looking even on their own.

You can see from the icon that this set is Intermediate difficulty, and will take about a day to construct. There’s a lot of pipes to make!

The Sector 4 – Plasma Relay is on the webstore now, for £28.

Sector 4 – Electron Facility

Our next set is just as big, with even more pipes!

This next one has a completely different style of pipe again! The Electron Facility has 2 different styles of pipes. The more numerous ones are pretty easy to assemble, and actually are wide enough to balance models on top.

This set has a large office building and a pipe hub, both of which have loads of places to add pipes into. In fact, all of these kits are so modular that you will never end up building the same layout twice by mistake!

All of these kits are completely modular, and all contain places to connect them to the rest of your Industrial Hive kits, using the little clips provided. Between Sectors 1-4 and Sector Nihilus you’ll be able to make some truly amazing, twisting corridors of gameplay.

Also Intermediate and taking a good day’s hobbying, the Sector 4 – Electron Facility is also £28.

Sector 4 – Air Scrubbing Plant

Our last Sector 4 kit contains – you guessed it – more pipes!

The Air Scrubbing Plant is your answer to “why doesn’t Sector 4 have more platforms”. Almost every single one of these pipes has either a platform or ladder on one side, meaning you can combine them in so many ways. The box connectors also have loads of platforms in even more configurations, so you’ll be able to make some really crazy 3D spaces.

There are also 3 large ground vents in the set, which have space to add pipes on 8 different walls. Not only that, but they can stack on top of each other, like above, making a massive structure!

As with the other kits, this one will take about a day, and is intended for Intermediate builders – all those pipes aren’t for beginners, try Sector 1 instead! This kit is also £28.

Industrial Gubbinz

Our final set (and my favourite) this week, and it’s rather different.

The Industrial Gubbinz set contains over 300 pieces, designed for augmenting your scenery, bases, and whatever else you want!

There are 2 sheets of MDF and 2 sheets of Greyboard, which gives a lot of variation in depth. From metal plates to complex panels, to cogs, big wheels, wires and cables, this set has loads of stuff! Seriously, loads.

While a lot of MDF scenery is – by design – quite flat (we try to make it interesting!), using these kits you’ll be able to add loads of additional details to make your terrain stand out. Add a bunch to get that drybrush goodness!

You can also use these bits for basing your models. The greyboard sheets are particularly useful for this, as you can easily cut them to fit with a sharp hobby knife.

One set of gubbinz will be enough to keep you going for a while, and not only are they Beginner level, but will take under an hour (seriously, it’s mostly punch things out). You get all this stuff for £12.

All of these new sets are available to pre-order now from the TTCombat webstore. Head over now to check out all the sets (there are more pictures there as well!).

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  1. Hi… Im loving the look of your Hive world sets.

    I play Deadzone by Mantic Games. Although a lot of your stuff would fit right in, I’m wondering if you do any 3″ cube style scenery?

    All movement is in factors of 3″ so ideally I need some scenery that comes close to matching those of the Mantic scenery,

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