WIP Wednesday – Industrial Gubbinz

It’s a WIP Wed, so let’s do the WIP!

Yesterday in Teaser Tuesday I promised you that we’d see how the Industrial Gubbinz kit (out this Friday) can be used. And I’m back to show you exactly that!

I started the day with 2 MDF sheets and one greyboard sheet. It took about an hour, but I punched and cut out every single piece! I’m not sure I’d recommend doing that though – it might be easier on your sanity and hands to punch out just what you need. I’m an all or nothing sort of person though.

Plus you get to make a big pile of bits! This isn’t even including the greyboard!

There are just so many pieces in this set. Some are larger like the I-beams in the top right, and there are plenty of small cogs and panels as well.

The big bits will be ideal for decorating your MDF scenery. While MDF is a great price and easy to assemble, it does often lack those smaller details that you often find in high-priced plastic scenery sets. As far as Industrial Hive terrain goes, this set is your answer to that!

The smaller pieces can also be used on terrain, but will be great for basing. I’ve been looking at some unpainted Cosmos Knights from Popular Games Company on my desk for a while, and I’m going to say that the reason they’re not painted is that I couldn’t decide how to base them (we all know that’s just one of many reasons – don’t shame me and I won’t shame you). These new pieces have given me the urge to make some industrial style bases for them.

So that’s where I started.


Mixing and matching bits from this set is super easy and fun! There are cables that can be laid flat or raised up with a bunch of different bracket pieces. You could connect them together and with the curves you can even take them from the floor up the wall on bigger pieces. Very cool.

With these stuck down, I decided they needed a little colour.

After a quick spray with silver paint, I gave them a few washes of blacks, browns, and oranges to dirty them up. I picked out some bits in copper, and the pipes in a nice purple. With some drybrushes over the top and a couple details picked out, I think they’ll do nicely!

Bigger Things

I also wanted to see how these bits looked with a bit more space to use.

Unfortunately I don’t have any unpainted Industrial Hive kits with me while working from home, and the only remotely similar thing I have is a converted Cargo Ship, which I’m on the last stage of painting, so that was a no-go.

Luckily, I’ve just finished assembling some test cuts for an updated motel from City Streets. This one needs a couple of tweaks, so it’s time to make it a big more futuristic!

With just a few panels and some cables, you can see how detailed you can go!

I really love the fan with the double layers. You get a bunch of MDF and greyboard fans in the set. You can use them individually and they’ll go further, or double them up to add more depth. That’s one thing this set does so well – adding depth. Weirdly with scenery, the more surfaces you add, the quicker it is to paint, since all that detail picks up drybrushing a lot easier!

Then I got a little carried away…

Even Bigger Things!

I had this floor piece left over from my motel (told you it was a test cut), and all these pieces on my desk… Well I made a whole scene!

It just goes to show what you can do with all these bits! Oh, that big wheel comes in the set as standard, that’s not from another kit!

The individual panels can easily be used as floors or walls, adding detail wherever you put them. And with loads of different styles of MDF and greyboard, you get so many options for layering things in different ways. And this was built with just the bits from the set on a flat piece of wood – imagine what you could do when paired with the rest of the Industrial Hive range.

All in all on my bases and this little diorama I’ve used maybe 15% of the pieces in the set? And I went pretty overboard. There’s so much in there I didn’t have space to use. And because the pieces are MDF and greyboard, it’s super easy to cut them down to fit your needs – especially if you’re going for a bit of a beaten up hive.

I was a fan of this set before I got my hands on it, and after having a play I can safely say I’m even more of a fan! Sometimes making scenery for toy soldiers for a living can be a bit of a drag, but today is definitely not one of those days.

This new set is coming to the TTCombat webstore this Friday. In the meantime, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of other gubbinz to use…

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