New Year, New Teaser Tuesday!

*yaaaawn* Is it 2021 yet?

Wait, it is?! NICE!

I fell asleep shortly after a massive Xmas dinner, and had a bit of a hibernation until everything all blew over. Without checking the news I assume Everything Is Fine, and we can return to your regular scheduled programming.

It’s Teaser Tuesday time!

It feels like an age since we last had brand new MDF kits on sale, but over the last year our designers have been working hard and we have just so much stuff to get out into the wild. So buckle up, because the non-stop MDF terrain train is leaving the station!

Industrial Hive

For our first week back, we’re going big and complicated!

This Friday will see the release of three brand new Sector 4 kits for our Industrial Hive range. For those just joining us, Industrial Hive contains our most sprawling and modular scenery kits, utilising a few key connector pieces so that everything fits together. It means that your games in the depths of the Industrial Hive can have a maze of platforms, walls, and ledges, and no two games on the same board need look the same!

Sector 4 specifically is a series of kits that makes incredibly modular pipelines. The pipeways all connect together in loads of different ways, and we’re about to expand those even more!

This is the Sector 4 – Plasma Relay. It’s got loads of weird looking pipes and conduits and stuff, including these big arc reactor looking doodads. You can see just how modular these kits are: each of the arc reactor hubs has 11 different places to connect the pipes, and spaces to connect all the other walkways and stairs and things in the Industrial Hive range!

This is just one of the new kits coming your way this Friday. We actually have three full new Sector 4 sets. And something a little… well, a little simpler actually!

This Friday we’re also releasing this new set which we’re calling Industrial Gubbinz. There’s a reason we haven’t assembled them: it’s just three sheets of gubbinz! From metal panels to treadplate to cogs and grills, there’s a bunch of everything here. They’re super useful for decorating your flat walls and floors, but there are also a fair few smaller pieces which are excellent for basing.

In fact, Jonny let me bring a set home, so tune in tomorrow for WIP Wednesday where I’m going to be trying them out!

That’s all for now – we’re not teasing everything. For the rest, you’ll just have to come back on Friday when they hit the webstore.

2 Replies to “New Year, New Teaser Tuesday!”

  1. These look fantastic, and up to the usual very high standards.

    I know I will be picking up the gubbins on Friday (I actually suggested something like this many Moons ago!). Super excited to add these to my ever expanding sets.

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