Monday Motivation Gets Industrial

Scenery, a key part of any game and one of the fellow community members, John, known with the alias shorelinelink, has really taken it to another level!

Using the Death Quadrant and other parts of the industrial Hive range, John has really bought the scenery to life with some excellent paint work. The smaller details are what really make it pop! A little rust here, some graffiti there and you get a real sense of that industrial vibe. Im particularly fond of the little posters that are even weathered to fit the overall aesthetic, nice touch!

I think John has really given the scenery some life and truly made it apart of his game!

Has seeing some top notch paint work has got your creativity roaring? If you need paint and brushes, we have you covered! Want to add to your scenery? We’ve also got you covered with ever increasing ranges in our webstore!

If you have a project you are really proud of, then send us some pictures to

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