Advent Calendar 11

That’s one big Rent in the Sky behind that 11!

What’s crawling through the Rent in the Sky today? Let’s open up the Gateway and find out!

That’s a group of Doctors hanging around like they’re on an album cover!

Today we’re announcing a new direction for Carnevale releases next year.

Up until now we’ve released a boxed set with the ocassional blister pack special character. But what if you want more than one of a character class? Unless that’s already in the box, you’re a bit out of luck.

Next year we’ll be expanding the Carnevale range with a whole new bunch of miniatures, providing easy ways to get multiple characters in single blister packs!

First on the teases are all these Apprentice Doctors! The Apprentice Doctor was released earlier this year, allowing a Henchman choice that “adopted” a special rule or weapon from their tutors. The first one was designed to be an Apprentice for the Morgue Doctor (scalpel and book, check!), but each of these has their own speciality!

The City Guard are also seeing some reinforcements, adding alternate sculpts with various weapon choices.

We’re still early in the design stage of these, so don’t expect them straight away, but how about some sketches with examples of what you can expect to see? Okay!

The Guild have a new Fisherman (these will get separate releases outside of the Starter Boxes I promise) and another Harlot to add to your harem.

The Rashaar have some reinforcements from the ground and the sea, adding an alternate design of the Preist of Dagon and the Aglaope.

The Vatican have an Inquisitorial Spy (or two) and an alternate Executioner, for all your beheading needs.

And finally in Strigoi, we have a Newborn Strigoi (quick and keen on a bit of bloodletting) and another version of the Seer. More re-rolls anyone?

The Gifted unfortunately won’t be getting alternates, since all of their characters are unique anyway! However, we do have more Gifted on the way next year too, and will have more info here when we can show them off.


Are you excited about lots of new sculpts? And we mean lots. This way of releasing miniatures means many many more things to come to your gaming tables. We’ll also be taking this opportunity to release previously Kickstarter-only miniatures that haven’t yet fit into the boxed themes. Lacrimosa, Dog Keeper, and yes – maybe even the Golgotha will see a release date next year!

If you have even a passing interest in these cool new characters, make sure to pre-order your copy of Escape From San Canciano now! Do we need to tell you why? It’s a £35 starter set with a rulebook, 2 gangs, and scenery! What more do you need to know? Go go go!

2 Replies to “Advent Calendar 11”

  1. Cool stuff in general but I think those city guard breasts are exagerated in size and shape and too “well defined” for being under an uniform

    1. The size is possible but unlikely given their build. Totally agree on the shape of the uniform. Fabric does not conform to individual breasts that way, even if it’s spandex. (Latex might, but that would give it a very different …context.)

      The sleeves on the left-side figure seem too long. The right arm sleeve is almost to the first joint of the thumb with the elbow bent. That means it would be going to the knuckles when the arm is straight.

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