Advent Calendar 14

After a weekend off, it’s back to adventing!

Welcome to a brand new advent calendar week, and another Dropfleet day! Who wants to be the one to open today’s door? Me again? OKAY THEN!

Today’s prize is a digital Dropfleet deluge!

While there aren’t any teasers today, we have a bunch of freebies instead. Like what?

Dropfleet Commander Digital Rulebook

We’re starting big. The Dropfleet Commander rulebook is now available to download for FREE!

Just like the Dropzone rulebook we released online earlier this year, all you have to do is go to the resources section of the webstore or to the Dropfleet Commander website, and download for free!

The book is optimised for digital viewing, with plenty of hyperlinks to quickly flick to important pages.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to have a bit of a shake-up, layout-wise. For a start, the book is portrait (which is much easier when reading on mobile devices), so we had to move things around anyway. But we’ve also reorganised the book a bit, to follow the same sort of structure in our other digital book versions. Let us know what you think!

This is a first draft of this version. Currently the scenarios in the core book aren’t in there. We’re looking to do a separate file collecting all of these scenarios, so keep an eye out next year for that. We’ve incorporated all the errata from the FAQ document into this book, but haven’t expanded further into BFE yet. We’ll see what 2021 holds!

Dropfleet Wallpapers

We have double treats today! It’s like getting a Malteaser in your chocolate calendar.

We’ve uploaded a LOT of Dropfleet style desktop wallpapers for you! They’re also available in the resources section, and are handily split up into factions (as well as some generic ones as well). There’s loads of beautiful art over there, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself downloading factions you don’t even play!

We’re going to leave you with all that to dive into today. One more Dropfleet window next week, and loads of other content to check out each day until Xmas, so keep stopping back daily!

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