Black Friday New Releases

White Box Bundles are here!

Hello everyone, and merry Friday! Our American cousins are likely feeling very full after Thanksgiving. We have some amazing deals for you to peruse while in a food coma (or if you’re in any other country like we are, they’re just great value anyway).

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

First of all, let’s have a look at this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday miniatures!

We teased these earlier in the week, and now they’re in the webstore! Black Plague Friday and Cyber Meeting Monday are here to celebrate the weird year we’ve had. To recap how you get them:

  1. Add them to your cart and buy them! They’re £8 each. Super Easy.
  2. Spend £75 in one go and we’ll throw one in for free!
  3. Spend £150 or more and we’ll give you both!

If you get one freebie and want to specify which, just let us know in your order notes in the basket section before you complete your checkout. Otherwise we’ll pick one at random.

This offer is available all week until December 4th.

All of our previous years’ Black Friday Cyber Monday models are also available to purchase in the webstore. It’s the only time of the year these are available, so make sure to pick up any you like the look of.


Speaking of things that are only available for a limited time, the Exclusives are in the store for you!

We’ve got a brand new 2-Up Pythong in store, and she’s not just tall, but awesome! You may have seen my WIP pictures earlier in the week, and I will say that she is a real joy to paint!

This year has been hard, so we’ve decided to treat everybody by putting the 2021 Event Exclusives on pre-sale once more!

Traffic James, Occupied New York Sector Pack, UCM Osprey, and Zovena Vela are all available!

We’re also giving you the last chance to buy 2019’s Event Exclusives too!

The Columbus Battle Walker, Brains Babe, Pungari Thresher, and Plague Doctress are available all week. But after Friday 4th December they will be taken off sale forever! Now is the last chance to get them.

We’ll also be reworking some of the other general exclusives next year, so if you want to get your hands on anything, make sure to order now, as we can’t guarantee your favourite thing will be available after 2020 ends!

White Box Bundles

Okay, and now onto the meat of the releases this week. That’s right, Black Friday models, and a whole bunch of exclusives weren’t even the main part! :O

Our famous White Box Bundles are here! With thirteen all new boxes, this year has something for (almost) everyone. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Death Quadrant Sigma Station

Designed for Industrial Hive games, this set combines 2 of the already incredibly popular Death Quadrant kits with some extra walls, platforms and doors, and even some resin Ammo Boxes.

The Death Quadrant kits are designed to be used in a modular way, allowing for millions of different boards!

Sector 1 – Manufacturing Floor

The Sector 1 – Manufacturing Floor is a real grab-bag of modular kits! It’s got platforms and walkways and generators and stairs and barriers and even resin Control Panels!

Everything in here is completely modular, so no two boards need look the same!

Sector 3 – Fuel Storage Omega

Sector 3 – Fuel Storage Omega is a great set for Industrial Hive fans too! It has basically the entire Sector 3 range (at least what we’ve made so far). Loads of fuel tanks, containers, platforms, and spheres! It’s got a Fuel Cache resin set too.

As with all the Industrial Hive range, it’s all completely modular, and will fit perfectly with the other two boxes as well, if you want a truly sprawling Industrial Hive board.

Downtown Crisis

For City Streets fans, check out the Downtown Crisis bundle. It has a couple of Brownstones, some massive buildings, accessories and cargo containers. There’s a portaloo and some resin traffic cones as well!

This set is marvellous for playing super hero games on, with plenty of cover and things to smash.

East Side New York

Dropzone Commander players, look no further! The East Side New York box is an excellent set for expanding your board. It’s full of board filling scenery to give you a full urban feel. If you’re looking to upgrade from your cardboard scenery, this is a bargain set, and even comes with a squad of Maulers to inhabit the buildings!

The Sci-Fi X range is 8-10mm scale, which makes it great for any small scale game.

Elven Honeysuckle Kingdom

If you’re a fantasy gamer, you’ll no doubt have seen our Elven range, released earlier this year. It’s got castle walls and pagodas and loads of stuff. There’s even a boat to sail off to immortality! This set collects almost all of the Elven scenery, and throws in some resin barrels for good measure.

This range is designed for 28-32mm games, making it perfect for junk about any fantasy gamer!

Infinity Business District

Our Sci-Fi Utopia range has everything you could want for your games of Infinity – in fact, it’s designed specifically for that!

This set has so many modular buildings, which can be made in thousands of ways. Heck, even the Plaza comes in 5 different pieces so you will get an entire board of scenery in this one set! You get a set of resin Cargo Accessories as well, for some handy waist-high cover.

Occupied City Station

But if you want your sci-fi a little more gothic, we’ve got you covered too! The Occupied City Station has loads of kits from our Sci-Fi Gothic range. There are a bunch of ruined buildings (all the better for occupying and shooting from) as well as some very handy barriers and gun platforms. There’s a set of resin Gothic Accessories as well.

Orc Junk Town

If those ruins aren’t quite ruined enough, how about Orc Junk Town? This set is design to look like a scrappy bastion, with a couple of barracks, loads of heavy-set wall sections, mek shops and more. There’s a big gothic crane in there that can easily be decked out in the numerous spare parts of the gubbinz sheets. Also some resin barrels too!

Tomb World Prime

Following the crazy success of our Tomb World bases this year, we thought it would be rude not to do a Tomb World White Box Bundle. But we wanted something a little more special, so almost all of these kits are brand new!

From the towering Monolithic Pylon to the Ruined Relay Hub, there’s so much terrain here for you! There are even some resin Cyber Relics too.

Rural Village

If you’re a historical gamer, we’ve got you covered too. The Rural Village is perfect for games set in Europe at 25-28mm scale.

This set has basically everything you could need, from houses to a church, shops to a hotel, and even a military checkpoint too. If you want it battle-worn, we’ve included some resin Sandbags as well.

Stalingrad Tank Factory

One of the things we’re most excited about today is the Stalingrad Tank Factory box. This one combines 5 different sets to make one massive factory, as well as an extra smaller factory ruin and so many accessories to deck out your board with, including the resin Crates.

Sunken San Canciano

Our last White Box Bundle is this one! Sunken San Canciano is the set for Carnevale players (or other skirmish gamers actually – we’ve seen the Streets of Venice range used in many, many different games).

This set combines a lot of the ruined modular buildings (they all clip together to make clusters of various sizes) with some brand new sunken kits, to provide you with a run-down board. Add in some resin Floating Detritus and we have a board fit for the Rashaar!

Oh and for those wondering: nothing in this set overlaps with the forthcoming Escape From San Canciano (more on that next week), and will fit alongside it perfectly.

All of the White Box Bundles are available now for £70!

The White Box Bundles will be in store all holiday season, into the new year. However, the Black Friday freebies and Exclusives are only available this week.

The White Box Bundles are some of our hottest selling kits each year, so here’s your warning! We’ve been cutting stock for a little while, but these kits are incredibly popular.

If you have your eye on one of these great value sets for Xmas, make sure to order early. It’s first come, first served in the TTCombat warehouse, so get your orders in now so you get yours in time! We never know exactly how quickly these will fly out the door, so we really advise that you don’t wait until a week before you need them!

You can find all of the White Box Bundles alonside the Black Friday models on the TTCombat webstore. Head over now and get yours early!

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