Work in Progresssssssssss Wednesssssday

Wip Wednesday is coming at you large and dangerous with fan favourite, Pythong – 2UP!

You cant get a much fresher WiP than this, Pythong is literally being base coated as this post is getting typed up!  For comparison first though, here is the original next to a standard Army Painter bottle:

Followed by the 2UP version! Large, in charge and with boots that will walk all over you, if her pet doesn’t get there first…

Being a wip, its the early stages of the painting process, with base colour being layed down first. So youre allowed to paint outside the lines if you choose.

After the base colour comes some initial highlighting, followed with some further blocking in of colour. In this case its that ever dangerous snake that is always looking to trip you up!

Id love to show you more but alas Internet goblins strike and have cut the updates short and im not going to drone on about how to paint. Nonetheless, we will be bringing you more about this 2UP version very soon!

In the meantime, if you havent already got Pythong in your collection you can get her, and her casino, here!

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