Monday Rainbow Resistance Motivation

This weeks Monday Motivation is from Dropzone Commander. Dave Wood painted these Resistance tanks in a very striking style, including Rainbows and Unicorns.

So Dave sent in these photos, with a great bit of fluff too!

 The idea came about as i imagined a sort of “tank girl” scenario but if the tank commander was a psychotic 12 year old girl. As such this is lady Penelope Haversham riding in her battle tank “sweet lizzie”.

Always love seeing some story behind peoples armies and paint schemes. For more of Daves’ stuff take a look at his Instagram.

Great work Dave.

If this has motivated you to start a Dropzone Commander army, or add to your existing army, then please take a look at our webstore.

And remember, if you have a project you are proud of, please send us some pictures to and it may get featured on a future Monday Motivation.

Have a great week everyone.

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