Hammer & Nails – New Characters Incoming!

Two new worshippers have entered the church!

The Holy Crusaders boxed set is out tomorrow, and included are two brand new character classes.

If you’re after some heavy hitters, look no further!


This weird new character is bleeding profusely, and that’s before he’s even entered the battle!

Armed with… well nothing actually! The Stigmatist brings nothing to the field of battle except his bleeding hands and some prayers.

The Stigmatist is clad in bandages, so his condition isn’t stopping anytime soon. However, he sees it as a blessing from God. The Pope has sent the Vatican to Venice, and while this guy doesn’t look like he was very fun before, living under the gaze of the Rent in the Sky turns people… weirder. With a crown of nails hammered into his skull, the Stigmatist looks to have found power within repentance for whatever blasphemy he committed. Although he’s likely to only have confessed under the duress of an Inquisitor!

In game, the Stigmatist brings a little magic to your gang! While we’re not giving away his whole statline today, you can see that he has Mage (2) with access to Blood Rites spells. That means he can deal out some decent damage, and it’s always nice to have more mages around, especially in a Hero slot.

He also has Frenzied, which means the Stigmatist can use his own Life Points as Will Points, meaning he will bleed out before he stops casting magic. This can be very useful late in the game when your opponent may have dried up all of their Will Points already.


On the other end of the cross is the Crucifier.

The Vatican in Carnevale are not a nice bunch, and have taken to the older practices of nailing people to wooden boards to prove a point. Or help them repent – the waters are a bit muddied on their motivations (a fitting analogy for the disgusting canals of Venice!).

Crucifiers are a bit more specialised than regular Priests within the Vatican, although they’re by no means rare. A Crucifier is equally likely to completely believe in the cause as he is to just really like putting nails through people’s limbs – the Vatican in Venice attracts all sorts!

The Crucifier was teased a little while ago (and one even got sent out as a prize!), and while his core stats have remained similar (you can go find them yourself, or wait until tomorrow when we’ll have everything laid bare), the Crucifixion rule has changed!

We wanted it to happen more often than it was (previously only on a Critical). Now if you manage to hit with all 3 of the Crucifier’s attacks, you get to ignore basically all Protection. Ouch!

That’s only scratching the surface of what’s to come! We’ll have the full rules for you tomorrow, along with the pre-orders for this box and more!

Stop back then, and if the brutal Vatican is tickling your interest, make sure to visit the TTCombat webstore for even more Carnevale goodness!

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