New Vatican Releases

We’ve got a lot of holy soldiers standing at the ready for you today!

It’s a Carnevale release this week,  with some beautiful models for you.

The Vatican are receiving some key reinforcements in todays new releases, and we’ve also got a weird tentacle guy.

Holy Crusaders

Sounds like something Robin would say, but no! It’s a brand new boxed set for the Vatican.

Vatican players are in for a real treat with this box, as it contains two brand new characters, two new-ish (one was in the Kickstarter) characters, and a second sculpt of a fan favourite too!

The Holy Crusaders are the answer to your offensive capabilities. With two Prelates of the Flaming Sword you already have some excellent armour-slicing going on, but these guys also aid with their Burning Aura, which gives extra armour penetration to friendly characters close by!

A new Henchman has arrived too. The Crucifier has a hammer and nails, and is ready to find the weak spots in your opponents armour. A pretty handy choice all round!

The Cross-bearing Deacon is an excellent source of Will Points, and Command Points too, for that matter! Anyone within 6″ can use his Will Points instead of their own, which is particularly handy for the Stigmatist.

The Stigmatist has a lot of blood and a lot of Blood Rites magic too! Able to use his own Life Points to cast spells if need be, he’s a perfect companion for the Cross-bearing Deacon, and also is able to reduce enemy Protection to boot!

This new boxed set is available to pre-order now for that familiar price of £22.

Scorpio Marksman

The Vatican get an extra reinforcement today as well!

This brand new Scorpio Marksman is now available to order. You’re already able to get one of these in the popular Insurgency Force box, but if one giant crossbow just isn’t enough for you, look no further!

The marksman himself is already quite chunky, but add in a big scorpio and also an altar boy to carry it, and you’ve got one wide boi. He’s on a giant base too, so you’ll be in a pretty good position to physically hurl your opponents into the canals if that giant crossbow bolt doesn’t do the job for you!

The Scorpio Marksman is available now for £12.

Escaped Madman

If you watched until the end of the spinner video the other day, this one won’t be a huge surprise!

Gifted players get a new character this week too. Or if you want, you can use him in any gang!

The Escaped Madman has grown pretty puffy thanks to the experiments the Doctors have done on him. But how much of that bulk is down to the masses of wriggling tentacles? It doesn’t bear to think about.

The Escaped Madman is an excellent beatstick Hero for your gang, as he can dish out a lot of damage and take a lot too. His Shattered Nexus of glowing gems help him to generate a lot of Will Points, and each time he uses them up, he explodes in magical energy, damaging anyone standing close! Ouch!

The Escaped Madman can be recruited by anyone, available now for £8.

All of these new releases are available right now on the TTCombat webstore, alongside a bunch more knights and priests and about a hundred other weird Carnevale things as well! Stop by now and pick up your great new miniatures!

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