Never Resist a WIP

Viva la Resistance!

Welcome to WIP Wednesday, the Resistance edition!

The Resistance are seeing some reinforcements soon. While they were a little late to the party (if you call a galaxy-spanning war a “party”) which means there are a few ships they currently don’t have access too. Let’s rectify that!

We have a brand new Destroyer kit making an entrance in a few weeks so we thought we would show a lil’ sneak peak sculpted by our very own David Lewis.

We’ve just received a couple of pieces direct from the 3D printer (which is what all those weird scaffolding bits are – that’s not a new style of antenna), and intercepted them on the way to the mould makers.

They already took the hull to put under silicone, so I’m afraid we can’t show you that bit! We’ll have more information on this new set soon though!

As an extra little bonus, we’ve stolen a screenshot fresh off Dave’s desk. Not quite sure what we’re looking at here, but Dave says it’s still a WIP, and will be seeing some changes. We thought it would be interesting to see just a small slice of a sculpt.

Dave tends to sculpt smaller parts as part of a larger assembly, especially when there’s a repeated pattern. Then the patterned pieces are added in to give consistency throughout a model (or lots of models, in the case of the standard model point defence laser turret). Apparently this is still very early stages yet, but we can’t wait to see what comes of it!

Soon you will be able to add this mean machine to your armada but until then, Check out the rest of the Dropfleet Commander range on the TTCombat webstore!



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