New Skeleton Halfling Friday

Are you scared? You should be!

While our new lasers are being installed and running catch-up (read more here), our resin team are still cranking out the models!

This week we have a whole massive Skeleton Halfling army headed your way, so grab your shovel, because they’re not going to dig themselves up out of the grave. Wait, actually they probably would. Okay, just read on instead.

Skeleton Halfling Army

The first thing on our list is the whole set!

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff.

This army contains basically everything we’re releasing this week, plus a little extra! You get:

  • 20 Skellie Archers (with command)
  • 20 Skellie Spears (also with command)
  • 20 Skellie Warrior (again, command)
  • 10 Skellie Knights (command, and riding ghost ponies!)
  • 2 Skellie Catapults (do you see a theme here? Lots of skellies)
  • 6 Werewolves (combo breaker!)
  • 3 Skellie Heroes – a Wight Lord, Wraith, and Battle Standard Bearer

This set not only offers a great saving on picking up all this stuff separately, but also the Battle Standard Bearer is exclusive to the army box!

This massive army of diminutive skeletons is available now for £100.

Skeleton Halfling Regiments

If you’re after some Skeleton Halflings, but not a whole army’s worth, or if you want to bolster your ranks with even more skellies, we also have all three of the regiments available separately!

There are Warriors armed with swords and shield, Spears armed with… well, spears, and finally the Archers armed with bows and arrows.

This is actually the first time the Skeleton Halfling Archers have been made available, since they previously weren’t in the Halfling KS campaign! If you’re looking to round out your KS army, now’s your chance!

Each of these regiments is £20, and comes with a full command of Champion, Musician, and Standard Bearer (not shown).


By far the most exciting thing ever:

Also the first time these beauties have been on sale!

Yep, that’s a regiment of 10 Skeleton Halflings riding ghost ponies. Only at TTCombat, folks.

This regiment also contains a full command, and also comes in at £20.

Skeleton Halfling Catapults

No, they don’t fire Skeleton Halflings.

They fire ogre skulls! That’s pretty metal.

They have the catapult and 3 crew each – a pointy one, loading one, and the other one. There’s always an “other one” and it’s never quite apparent what they do. Moral support?

Anyway, these little catapults come in a set of 2 for £15.


Yep, friggin’ werewolves! There’s you thinking this was all cutesy.

Now we’re talking! These excellent models would work in a Skeleton Halfling army, a regular skeleton army, a monster army, or even as enemies in your RPG campaigns. They’re pretty useful!

You get 6 in a set, with 3 different designs, all for £20.

Skeleton (and non-skeleton) Halfling Heroes

Finally, we have a handful of new heroes for you!

That’s a lot of heroes!

There’s a Halfling Wight Lord, who is ready to lead your armies. This Halfling is in the army box, but would also make an awesome bad guy in an RPG campaign, especially if your DM style is kind of tongue in cheek.

The Halfling Necromancer is also available. While not in the army box, you’ll no doubt find his summoning powers useful to keep your ranks of skeletons topped up!

The Halfling Wraith is just like a tiny mini Death, and I’m here for it.

Finally we have a non-undead addition with the Halfling Witch Hunter. A particular favourite during the KS campaign, this little fella is an excellent choice of hero for your armies, perfect at countering all of these spooky ghoulies. Or he’d make an excellent RPG character. Small in stature, but ruthless in execution, you could teach your foes that they can underestimate his height, but not his zeal!

All of these heroes are ready for you at £5 a piece.

Oh and this is the exclusive Battle Standard Bearer from the army box. Pretty cool, right?

All of these new miniatures are available to pre-order now on the TTCombat webstore! So whether you’re after a new fantasy army, some pint-sized NPCs, or even a new hero to play in your next campaign, look no further!

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