We’ve got important news from the laser cutters!

You may have noticed, but the TTCombat webstore is a bit sparse at the moment!

We’ve made the heavy decision to halt orders of MDF products.

That means all of the Tabletop Scenics range is currently out of stock on the webstore.

Now, not to worry! We’ve made this decision after the last few months of shifting goalposts in how we’re able to run the business, particularly the close confines of the laser room.

Due to COVID restrictions and – frankly – a massive upsurge of orders from everyone wanting to get some hobby done during this downtime, we’ve been falling behind on getting orders out. Unfortunately it’s not quite a case of putting more staff on a project (not that we’re able to get many more staff safely in the warehouse at the moment), because each laser cut takes a certain amount of time to finish, and that means we can’t exactly push harder. We’ve restructured in the last couple of months to be running the laser room 24/7 (that means nights and weekends), and the dedicated staff running the room have worked tirelessly to get all the kits out as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately though, that many lasers just isn’t enough!

So we bought 12 more! :O

That’s right, we’ve just received delivery of a dozen new laser cutters, which have been unloaded into the warehouse.

So we’ve made the decision to take this time to set up the new laser room and catch up on our orders.

With the Xmas rush looming like a red and green shadow, now is the time to get everything all present and correct, and cut our stock levels back up again.

We’ve currently decided that we will not take any more orders for MDF products until Friday 30th October.

At that time we’ll reevaluate, but look forward to getting everything back up online at that point.

In the meantime we’ll still be selling all of our great resin products, including Carnevale, Dropfleet, Dropzone and RUMBLESLAM as well as our growing range of Fantasy Heroes (more on that this afternoon).

Finally, we’d like to offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to every single one of our customers who has ordered kits from us in the last 6 months. We know that times are hard and money is tight. We’ve been truly humbled by the support that you all have shown us. We’re dedicated to keep making great quality, affordable hobby kits for you all, and this little pause will allow us to catch our breath.

We’ve got plenty of new MDF scenics in pipeline too, including massive new ranges that our designers have been working on remotely during the pandemic. Just as soon as we’ve caught up with everything we’ll be able to get some test cuts done and share with you all some more great WIP pictures.

For anyone still waiting on their orders, we apologise for the delay. We’ll be working round the clock to catch up with everything from the past few weeks. We really appreciate your patience. If you have any specific queries about your orders, feel free to email us, but in the effort to make the most of this “down-time” on the store, we’re going to be retasking some of the regular customer service faces to help get the orders out. We’ll still be replying to emails of course, but if you’re simply waiting on an order, we’ll get them out as soon as we can, and sooner if we can all get stuck in! 🙂

Thank you to everyone for your understanding and support!

– The whole TTCombat laser team

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  1. Hi Guys.

    Am delighted to see a success story – more orders and volume than you can handle. I think it great to see that some one has benefitted from this situation and it has fuelled re-investment and some expansion. I have enjoyed buying the War series of Terraced buildings for my own “Spa Hotel Gjogur” project – am glad some of the “Two storey” terraces have turned up and have immediately cannibalised them to three story to match others in the range – used the excess panels to build a corridor and stair way and look forward to forming what will be called the “South face” of the model . Please advise what the new MDF ranges will be…..PS I love the pricing much more MDF for my Money . Keep going and all the best for the Xmas rush and 2021. I love a business success story .


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