To the streets of Venice

Greetings, from gorgeous Venice!

Yes, it’s WIP Wednesday again my legendary humans and we have a little flashback for you. If you are a Streets Of Venice fan, you will no doubt recognise the Prelate from our Kickstarter.

Well, hes back and badder then ever with a striking new pose. The Prelate of the Flaming Sword was first available in the Kickstarter campaign, and is finally coming out to retail… and he’s bringing a friend with him! A brand new sculpt of the model will be available soon, and these two fiery fanatics will be slicing their red hot blades through armour across Venice.

And speaking of the Venetians. The Crucifier we saw a tease of a little while ago, and Fin has also had him on the painting desk. Although that’s a pretty heroic pose, I’m not sure that nailing people to things is a particularly heroic deed.

I’ve been to Venice and seeing these character makes me want to go back!

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  1. Hi , can you tell me when the new carnevale expansion will be available to buy , thank you from a to old to know better lover of carnevale

    1. We don’t have a release date for the new Expansion yet. However we have just released a new smaller starter set today, check the latest release post for further information.

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