It Came From Beyond the Teaser!

A spoooooky Teaser Tuesday todaaaay!

Are you all ready for Hallowe’en? I know we are! It’s the one holiday that COVID can’t ruin. Wear a mask? I’M ALREADY WEARING A SPOOKY MASK BORIS. No more than six friends? JOKE’S ON YOU I DON’T HAVE THAT MANY ANYWAY


In celebration of the very best holiday of the year (come fight me, Labor Day stans), we’re releasing a whole army of spoooopy Halflings! Ooooooh!

This Friday will see the launch of a whole bunch of skeleton Halflings. Turns out they were pretty big-boned all along. Who knew?

A lot of these were previously only available on the Halflings and Fantasy Friends Kickstarter campaign, but there are a few extra additions too!

Halfling Skeleton Archers are available for the first time!

Not only that, but we’ll have a whole bunch of heroes as well!

And Halfling Ghost Ponies! Yes, that’s a thing that now exists. You’re welcome, Earth.

And of course, like our previously Halfling Fantasy Heroes releases, we’ll have a great new Army Box collecting loads of them together as well! However, we’re not spoiling everything that goes into that yet, you’ll have to wait until Friday to see the full details!

So if you’re mourning not being able to order any MDF kits at the moment, don’t fret! Replace that smell of burnt MDF with the cheery face of a hundred smiling Halflings (let’s face it, they don’t really have much of a choice but to smile)!

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