Out Now – Dia De Los RUMBLESLAM!

Getting that spooky season prep in early, our newest RUMBLESLAM team is ready to throw down!

The Calaca Cabala is now out of pre-order and swinging into full release, alongside even more Moote Carlo goodness.

This team is nothing but skeletons, but unlike the dusty ones in the Cryptborn Nightmares, this lot has been on the calcium. A great start to a more undead side of Moote Carlo,  though not as meaty as some other teams, they can be super reliable with a free re-roll any time anything get’s KO’d (yes, even your own wrestlers).

We wouldn’t be releasing a new team without a new superstar to go along with it. Senora Muerte fits in with the Calaca Cabala perfectly, she’s only part skeleton and is a bit tougher than the rest of the team. Her crowd pleaser brings all KO’s wrestlers back from the floor and into the fight.

If these skeletons have caught your eye you can find them along with the rest of the RUMBLESLAM range over on our webstore. But that’s not all the RUMBLESLAM we have for you! Over on the RUMBLESLAM website you can download the digital rulebook and check the rules out before you dive off the turnbuckle!

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