Dropzone Commander Balance Pass October 2020

With the release of new units for the Resistance we took a look through the faction once again and made some extra changes to give more balance and some flavour to the faction.

We did a balance pass for the whole range last week. However with new releases on the docket, we kept a few back a week so we could surprise you with a faction specific balance pass for them. Let’s take a look.

First of all, we have two new units, so let’s not keep you waiting.

Swifthawk Tilt-Jet

A new transport is a big deal for any army, and the Resistance one is no exception!

It has a gun, it has missiles, and it’s fast as anything. What more could you want from a light transport?

Well how about Rapid Insertion for the infantry inside? That’s a big deal! Being able to enter from anywhere on a Garrison and not re-rolling hits means this is sure to be a favourite.

Tempest Interceptor

The brand new fast flyer for Resistance has some meaty stats.

While it doesn’t have any fancy unique rules, this big new flyer makes up for that in its regular statline. It’s incredibly fast with decent evasion (although it’s not super good – it is a very big ship), but also has good armour and 2 Damage Points.

The big draw here will be the twin Hailstorm Cannons, which have a massive range for an interceptor, and while they aren’t crazy accurate they have AA-4 which means hardly any enemy aircraft will get an Evasion bonus on those shots. Combine that with a huge 24″ range and that means this ship will force your opponent to play very defensively or recklessly aggressive – both good options for you!

M5 Napoleon

This one is actually an error correction. The version that went up last week had the main turret duplicated, which, though we wanted it to have a lot of dice, this gave it a quite frankly impossible amount of dice. The tabletop equivalent of bulletstorm!

Just look at this beast. That’s what you call saturating fire.

So we wanted to correct that, however that meant we took another look at it, so we’ve modified the weapon profile for the main turret again since we liked the double entry to represent both barrels, but weakened the amount of dice, and potential max energy of each one.

Hopefully this version is the ideal version. We love this model here at TT Head Office and we really want the rules to represent how it looks.

AT-90 Strikehawk Tilt-Rotor

Some small changes to this one to align it with the new Swifthawk. This means an increased transport capacity, a new missile bank and a small points increase.

Skulltaker Assault Transport

Again, some balance changes for this one to specify it’s role more. It’s now faster but has a smaller transport capacity. This makes it more of a auxiliary gunship with transport capacity.

Resistance Veterans

These guys have been redesigned from the ground up. We are aware that removing Marine Force Recon teams was a blow to some players, and some have been asking for more Kalium focused infantry. Well we think this should satisfy all those needs.

Resistance Veterans now come armed as standard with Assault Rifles and Knives and Pistols. In fact they have nothing to separate them from standard Resistance Fighters, in fact, they are worse since they don’t even get the RPG. So what do they get for their extra 5 points?

Well that is up to you, the player. Before deployment (so this can be tailored to the opponent, or to the theme of your army) you get a choice of rules. Choose from 3 options:

Scourge Occupation: These get the Modified Scourge Rifles back.

Marine Force Recon: These gain Dodge and improve their CQ weapons.

Kalium Volunteers: These guys are like stone. Resilient and re-roll failed Fortitude tests.

Alongside the new releases this allows you to flavour your Resistance army a bit more.


A small change to these nutters, their CQ weapon has an Energy increase to 4.


Since this will no longer be the only Fast Flayer for the Resistance, it can go back to being a bit more flexible in its role.

It’s still Fast, however it now has a minimum distance of 6″, meaning it almost hovers in place, like it used to. However to get it’s full Evasion Countermeasures it must move over 18″.

These changes bring some more internal balance to the Resistance Faction and make all units useable and allows you to build a more themed Resistance list if that’s your thing!

If this makes you want to grow your Resistance army further, or has made you want to start one, with the new starter army released today, it’s a great time to start. Head to our webstore now for the whole range.

Final bit

One final thing before I leave you all to your experimenting with the new units and changes. We are aware the current FAQ is rather out of date and we are looking to get that fixed ASAP. With so few games being played the last 6 months it hasn’t been a big priority for us, but it seems people are starting to get some games in.

So if you have any questions, then William Martin, part of the Dropzone Comamnder Community on Facebook, and a part of the ever growing Discord server has started this document to collect questions. Please feel free to add your questions there.

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