New Resistance Releases!

Resistance Starter Army? Check. BRAND NEW UNITS? BIG CHECK!

It’s a really special release day today, Resistance players are going to be PSYCHED!

We teased on Tuesday that the brand new Resistance Starter Army is released today, but we have more stuff we kept a secret!

Resistance Starter Army

So let’s start with the obvious:

The Resistance Starter Army is here!

This set is fully made of resin (except the infantry bases I guess. And the blast marker. And the fastplay sheets and box and stuff whatever), which means more detail than you’ll get on the other Starter Armies.

It’s almost twice the size of the previous set, and is actually cheaper as well! Coming in at a paltry £35, this is the first time that it’s just as affordable to start a Resistance army as any other.

The set has a squad of heavy Hannibal tanks, a big squad of Gun Wagons, 12 bases of Resistance Fighters with 6 Jacksons to transport them in. There’s also 2 Kraken Hovercraft for Wagon transport, and 3 of the massive Lifthawks too! Add in one extra Hydra Relay Hovercraft to put your Commander in, and you have a great new set.

You may even notice some new designs creeping in there too. The Krakens and Lifthawks have been redesigned to be easier to cast (one of the ways we’re able to cram so many models in this set for even less than you used to pay), and you’ll see two new designs of Jackson in there too, which we thought we be a nice treat. Ours are painted up in army colours, but they’ve been designed to work brilliantly as repurposed civilian cars (or private security company ones at least).

Currently these new designs are exclusive to the Starter Army, as each has fewer parts to make assembling your army much easier and quicker. Don’t worry, the super multi-part Lifthawks are still available separately if that’s what you want. 🙂

Hydra Relay/Circe Attack Hovercraft

We had a look at the rules for these hefty hovers yesterday, and now they’re ready for you!

This brand new hovercraft design answers the question of “what if Kraken but smaller and guns?”

Sitting about half the size of the Kraken transport, the Hydra/Circe is a brand new chassis which functions as a fast paced heavy tank.

While you can only make the Hydra in the Starter Army (another way we’ve managed to squeeze more models in there), if you get this kit separately you’ll be able to choose to make either the commanding Hydra or the shooty Circe.

The Hydra is a great choice for putting a Commander in, since its manoeuvrability helps get your command radius into the right place, and its Scanner Array allows you to pick out enemy squads and re-roll 1s to hit – very handy, even in bigger games!

Meanwhile the Circe variant swaps that command nonsense out for straight up firepower. Sitting somewhere between a Hannibal and an Alexander in damage output, it also packs a Flamer for additional nastiness.

The Hydra/Circe is now available for £10.

Swifthawk Tilt-Jets

A brand new unit is spotted on the horizon!

Introducing the Swifthawk Tilt-Jet!

This little aircraft is the Resistance’s answer to light aerial transports. If you were missing the allied UCM Raven in V2, then look no further!

The Swifthawk is an extension of the Strikehawk Tilt-Rotor, just much smaller! It also replaces its propellors for jet engines, reminiscent of the Hellhog. It’s truly a hybrid design which also lends some of its look to the Cyclone as well. Inspiration from all over the place!

You get two of these little dropships in the set, and they’re very handy for your Exotic infantry. Able to transport two units, they are also armed with a minigun and a set of light missiles, continuing the Resistance’s idea of up-arming literally everything. Oh and did I mention that they follow their big brother’s standard of giving the occupants Rapid Insertion? Now that’s a light dropship you can count on!

The set of 2 Swifthawk Tilt-Jets is available now for £10.

Tempest Interceptor

Did you think we were done with new units? Nope!

This is the Tempest Interceptor.

Like a fever dream that combines The Phantom Menace with Flash Gordon, this retro-future design is perfect for joining the ranks of the Resistance.

An out and out interceptor, the Tempest fills a vital role in the Resistance army: it’s incredibly fast and offers great long ranged accuracy when taking down enemy aircraft. Send it after your opponent’s fast flyers and laugh as you get the first shot!

The Tempest Interceptor is £10 in the webstore, ready for you right now!

Urban Bases

Even more?!

Originally designed to make our lives easier when painting up the studio models, we had enough people asking for them (seriously, a lot of people asking), that we’ve had them cast up properly and we’re ready to sell them!

The bases come in packs of 3 slots or 5 slots, with 18 bases in each. There are 3 designs, so you’ll have plenty of variation. They’re modelled with simple ledges and curbs, which will allow you to decorate them how you like. These ones were painted with a layer of textured paint, then a little sand and flock added. Although I’d recommend adding the textured paint after your infantry are in the slots!

Each pack of 18 bases is £8.

We thought you’d probably all like to see just how big these new miniatures are, so here we go! That Interceptor is not messing around!

We’ll be back next week to have a closer look at the new Starter Army models in more detail, and Chris is peeking his head out in a minute with some brand new rules for these units and a cheeky update to some other Resistance units, so you can see just how they fare on the battlefield!

All of these new releases are available to pre-order right now in the TTCombat webstore, so make sure to head over there for plenty more pictures of these great new models!

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