Teaser Drunken Vampire Tuesday

It’s Carnevale week again here at TTTowers!

We’ve got a real treat coming this Friday for Carnevale players. If you’re into the Guild or Strigoi (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), you’ll have some new boxes coming your way!

Pulcinella Pub Crawl

First off, we’re expanding on the Pulcinella sub-faction in the Guild with some incredible new models.

The Pulcinella Pub Crawl expands the Pulcinella range in all directions!

This new box gives you two new Pulcinella models (all the better for grouping up on your Mob Rule), including one which previously was a freebie for backers in the Kickstarter.

There are also three brand new character classes! There’s a Firebreather adding some long ranged… well… firepower to the gang. The Brute comes with a big belly and a big club and a particularly thick skull. Finally the Brewer has her own keg and plenty of bottles for drinking or throwing at enemies. Combine her with the Firebreather and those bottles become particularly explosive!

Vampiric Aristocracy

The Strigoi are getting reinforcements as well, and they’re older than most of the people in Venice!

This new set delves deep into the more gothic history of the Strigoi. There was a long period after Vlad Dracula started his second life and before “modern day” in Carnevale time. Most of that time was spent with Vlad 6 feet under, so many Strigoi ventured off to make groups of their own.

This box has the finely dressed Nosferatu, who partake only in the richest of mage blood. Too much sends them mad or dead, so they try to be very sparing. Speaking of mad or dead, they’re joined by the massive Hulking Moroi. This is a Nosferatu who has had a particularly bad allergic reaction to magical blood (it happens sometimes). They don’t tend to live long after, but these frothing beasts are no doubt useful until then.

In the top left you’ll see the Starved Dhampir, who has not been allowed to drink for a long time. Strigoi don’t suffer without sustenance like humans, just shrivel away down to nothing. Give them a bit of blood though and their monstrous side comes out again!

Finally the group is joined by the classiest of followers. A Highborn Servant is the only type of servant for these fancy vamps. Not only do they provide excellent fighters, trying to prove they’re worth to be given the Blood Kiss, but they also lend their significant wealth and resources to the Strigoi, allowing them to live in luxury.


All of these new miniatures (plus a little bonus one) will be available to pre-order on Friday. Of course we’ll be taking a look at more details of all these new characters all week, including some truly crazy new rules. Check back then, and don’t forget to check out the full Carnevale range already available!

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