New Vallejo Friday

200 new paints? Okay!

We’ve been systematically filling up the TTCombat webstore over the last few weeks. We’ve had new paints, new tools, and now we have even more new paints.

Look at all those browns!

This week we’ve got the whole Model Color range, including 24 blues, 27 greys, and over 40 browns!

There’s also the Panzer Series of Model Air, perfect for any historical gamers hiding among you.

All of these paints are now available to order right there on the TTCombat webstore, so if you need to stock up your supplies for the next Tabletop Scenics kit or want to paint your new Tomb World bases, you can order all at the same time!

Also, don’t forget that this weekend is your chance to pick up next year’s show exclusives: Traffic James, the Occupied New York Sector Pack, the Osprey Gunship, and Zovena Vela! Nice!

So make sure to head over to the TTCombat webstore to pick up your exclusives and paints!

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