Monday Motivation! – Ze Orc’z

Hey guys and gals,

Hope everyone had a good weekend, we’re back with another Monday motivation. The below images were sent in by Adam Nyström from Sweden. Lets take a looksies.

As you can see Adam has primarily gone for a rusted metal approach, for the most parts of the buildings which really suits the orc aesthetic. Along side this Adam has used some bright contrasting colours such as the Red and Blue. This really helps highlight subtle details whilst also catch the eye from a distance.


Orc Lookout

Orc Barracks

Orc Grub ‘N’ Grog

Orc Watchtower

As you can see Adam has done a fantastic job with these kits, a personal favourite of mine is the Orc Watchtower.

I hope this has left you feeling inspired go ahead and check out the rest of our range over on the webstore. 

If you have a completed TTCombat projects you’d like us to share please email us some pictures using the following email.

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

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