Monday Briz Bane Brawl Motivation

This weeks Monday Motivation is sent in by TTAgent Dave ‘Muddiz’ Muddiman from Daves Game’s in Australia. They ran their annual Briz Bane Brawl tournament and sent us some great pics.

Obviously player numbers were down compared to normal but great fun was had by all. As Dave said himself:

The Briz Bane Brawl at was run and won.. 6 teams but there could only be 1 winner.

Josh Tyth taking out Best overall with 3 good wins.
Second place going to Triassic Titans managed by David Mudiman

and 3rd place going to Lee Moran.

Best painted was won byJacob Connor

and Best Sports was Lee Mientjes.

A great day and it was great to just roll some dice post COVID and talk the biz with mates. Looking forward to the next and I can’t wait for my new Tomb Kings team TTCombat.

RUMBLESLAM was the real winner. Here’s some pics for those who couldn’t make it.
Thanks for that Dave. Glad to see you all had great fun and well done to the winners.
If this has motivated you to enter the ring in the world of RUMBLESLAM then please take a look at the full range on our webstore.
We love seeing pictures of tournaments and events for our games, so if you ever have any, please send us some pics! And as always, if you have a project you are proud of please send us some pictures to
Have a great week everyone.

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