New Army Painter Releases

We’ve got tools, we’ve got spray, we’ve got glue!

Hello everyone! It’s Friday again, which means new release time!

This week we have a whole load of modelling tools and painting supplies from our friends over at the Army Painter.

We’re making all your favourite products available right on the TTCombat webstore, so that means you can pick up spray paint or glue or clippers whenever you get new scenery or miniatures. Or – if you’re anything like me – you can use it as an excuse to pick up a little pack of Lighters alongside your regular modelling supplies. It would be rude not to!

So What Is There?

Good question, reader. We’ve got just a ton of Army Painter modelling supplies!

You have bigger boxes like the Hobby Set, which contains everything you need to get started. From paints to glue to clippers. You even get a palette!

We’ve got loads of brushes too! All individually available (just select the one you want in the dropdown menu), or in sets. We even have wet palettes and Hydro Pack Refills.

You can get loads of modelling tools separately too. These Plastic Frame Cutters are just the tip of the iceberg! There are hobby knives, files, plastic glue, super glue, sculpting tools, and even gaming aids like tape measures and laser pointers.

We’ve completely rearranged the modelling section of the webstore too, so you should be able to browse the ranges much easier from the main menu!

Last but certainly not least are the Army Painter sprays. I’m sure this is what most of you will be after!

The Army Painter has a fantastic range of spray paints that are perfect for undercoating, basecoating, and varnishing your miniatures. And we have the full range on the store! These sell out at the warehouse all the time, but we also get stock in all the time, so if what you want isn’t available, check back in a few days – that’s how quickly they go!

Unfortunately the spray paints are only available in to UK customers (since pressurised cans tend to explode on planes).

We’ll have the full range of brush paints available soon too, so you can match your primer to your paints.


All of this and more is now available on the TTCombat webstore! So if you’ve been putting off a modelling supplies order, head over there now. Or if you just need some extra paint or glue the next time you pick up a new Carnevale gang or a Death Quadrant set (you’ll want a silver spray for that I’m sure), we’ve got you covered. All your hobby needs in one place!

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