Teaser Tuesday – All your Base

All your base belong to us. Well as of Friday they can belong to you too! We released some Sci-Fi Gothic cyber Tomb World style bases a couple of weeks ago. However you wanted more.

So more you shall have!

With the recent release of the 9th edition of some game everyone seems to play, something grim and dark apparently. You all wanted even more base sizes to go with some set that was indomitable or something.

Well we listened and once again got Dave Lewis, who sculpts our amazing Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander minis to design more bases.

So we have 28mm Bases for really small infantry and other, possibly robotic things to fit on.

We are also going to be adding 60mm non flying bases into the range to for really big robotic things of death.

And for the Bikes of the Space Rangers or something similar, we have 90mm oval bases, perfect for purging Alan, at least that’s what I heard.

These will be available on our webstore on Friday and there maybe some special bundles of bases very suited to Indomitable BattleWench or something similar.

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