Teaser Air Painting Tuesday

More of the Vallejo range coming to the store this week. Two whole ranges are being added!

This week we don’t have any new Scenery or Models to share, however we are excited to say that two new ranges of Vallejo paint are coming to the shop on Friday.

First of all for those that use an Airbrush Vallejo Game Air is coming to the store.

Perfectly formulated for use in an airbrush, Vallejo Game Air gives the perfect coverage while still showing off all the detail.

We will also be adding the Vallejo Mecha Color.

Great for painting Robot like models, for example Dropzone and Dropfleet miniatures. Mecha Color can be used in an airbrush or with a brush. With a specialist range that includes Primers, Varnishes and Weathering effects, those painting more mechanical like models will get great results.

These will be added to our range of Vallejo paints already available on our webstore.

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