Exclusive WIP!

It’s an exclusive (almost)!

Most days when I’m in the office all I come home with is an empty lunchbox and occasionally a new set of miniatures or MDF kit to add to my already quite weighty pile of shame.

However, every once in a while I get sent home with something much more exciting!

This is the box I clutched in my eager little hands the other day, and it is chock full of goodies!

It may look just like any other TTCombat box. And that’s kind of true. This very box is home to everything from Back Alley Brawl to the new Dropzone Commander 2-Player Starter Box (don’t ask me how we fit that entire set in this tiny box, it’s frankly ridiculous and I’m fairly sure it’s some kind of Shaltari magic).

What’s In The Box?!

The contents of this box are truly something special, and dare I say – exclusive?

Contained within are the familiar bubble bags to protect the miniatures. Each of those bubble bags is filled with brand new, never seen before miniatures!

I was lucky enough to get hold of some of our original 3D prints, and am bringing them home to clean up and paint. Fin is still our regular studio painter, but I’m picking up a few extra kits, since there is so much waiting to be released (the world may have stopped momentarily, but our miniature sculptors have not).

Seriously, Show Us

I’m not showing off everything in those baggies (I’ve been instructed that a lot of this stuff is SUPER top secret), but I think I can get away with these three.

Usually we turn over our show exclusives yearly, around the start of event season (often end of May). However, since the world has aforementioned closed down for the while, we made the decision to skip 2020’s show exclusives. Instead we’re keeping the 2019 exclusives until the end of the year, and we’re also going to be releasing the 2021 miniatures a little early too!

That means you’ll be able to pick up the Pungari Thresher or the Plague Doctress for a little while longer, to make up for the fact that we’ve had fewer shows to celebrate this year. It also means that the 2021 miniatures will be around for a bit longer than usual too. Considering the state of events at the moment, we’d like to make sure everyone gets a chance to pick up their exclusives.

So What Am I Looking At?

These three are (some of) the 2021 show exclusives. You actually may have already seen the one in the middle, our RUMBLESLAM exclusive. On the left you have part of a very special assorted Dropfleet set, and on the right is our Carnevale miniature! Blurry in the back is something else entirely, don’t pay attention to that.

We of course also have a new Dropzone exclusive coming, but Fin wanted to paint that one, so I can’t tease that even if I wanted to! It’s cool.


We’ve had a few people asking when exclusives will be available next. Well we’ll have them up online in August (more on that soon), around the time of what would have been Gencon. And we’ll make sure to put them up again later in the year so everyone gets their chance at them.

Any guesses on the new exclusives? Wishlisting? We’ll hear it all!


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