Monday Doctor & the Beast Motivation

This weeks Monday Motivation comes via the Doctors of the Ospedale in Venice for Carnevale. Marco Quak sent these into us so let’s take a look.

Marco has done a  great job on these Doctors sets from Carnevale, taking the Starter Gang and the Beat Tamers set and bringing them to life (not literally, though would be fitting for the Doctors.)He also includes a Gifted character, the Aberration.

He also backed the Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter so sent in his excellent PHR fleet to look at quickly too.

Great job Marco. If this has motivated you to dive in to the world of Venice in 1795, with a few added monsters, magic and most of Europe and the world changed beyond all recognition. Then take a look at the Carnvevale collection on our webstore.

As always, if you have a project you are really proud of then please send us some pictures to

Thanks and have a great week everyone.

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