The Fabulous Atoq & NEW RUMBLESLAM Cards!

He’s here and he’s Fabulous!

The Fabulous Atoq is one of the newest additions to Moote Carlo casino, and is out this Friday!

This flamboyant wrestler is pretty incredible, and today we’re going to look at little at what he brings to your games of RUMBLESLAM!

New Cards

Alright, first things first – we’ve redesigned the RUMBLESLAM character cards! We’ve been working on these for a little while, and are very excited to show them off!

Woweee isn’t that something to behold! In glorious colour with a completely reworked look, lets see exactly what’s different.

  • For starters, the cards are BIGGER! They’re a little taller and a little wider than standard sized cards, falling into the Tarot size. If you’re a player of Carnevale or Dropzone Commander you’ll have seen this size already. We moved to bigger cards to fit more information on, and because they’re printed locally in Cornwall. Double win! If you’re worried about sleeves, don’t worry, we have that under control!
  • The dice showing your stats have been completely redesigned too. They have more contrast, are bigger, and have different number facings (a Copper has a blank on top, Silver has 2 and Gold has 4). All that together means that these cards are much easier to read for people with colour blindness.
  • Because they’re bigger, we’ve had a complete shuffle around to get you the information you want. All of the wrestler’s moves are listed on the front now, with full stats for offensive moves right there. No more flipping over and losing your counters just to see how much damage a Clothesline does!
  • Longer form rules are still on the back of the card. The top area is reserved for Crowd Pleasers. There’s no Popularity on the front of the card anymore – the AP cost for your Crowd Pleaser is simply listed next to it. Also they have names now! With the extra space, Superstars also gain a little “Did You Know?” section with a bit of cool info!
  • Heels no longer have a special rule on there, it’s simply a Boo icon on the Crowd Pleaser. Oh also a Heel card looks completely different, but I’m not spoiling that one today!

Phew! Some big changes there, but I think you’ll agree that these cards now look so much better!

The Fabulous Atoq

Okay, onto our look at this wrestler!

This guy is the definition of all-rounder.

His stat line is solid, with a Gold in each stat. Although his ATT and DEF are fairly weak (like a single Gold is particularly weak), his GRP is good, and his DEX is off the charts. Seriously, with Gold, Silver, Copper and +2 he may just have the best DEX in the entire game!

The Fabulous Atoq has a couple of offensive skills to choose from. Clothesline is a pretty standard Rope Attack, although with decent ATT dice and Knockdown, it’s an incredibly useful action to perform. Just compare it to a 2AP Trip which does no damage and is also Dirty.

Tornillo has no special rules, but do you need them? A dizzying range of 6 and 4 Damage puts it in the top tier of Turnbuckles.

Skitter is a Passive Ability that allows the Fabulous Atoq to move one extra square at the end of his activation, essentially putting his movement up to 6! With top speed and crazy DEX, this guy is FAST. Oh and don’t forget that to avoid being thrown out of the ring or hit with Live Ammunition (or trash) you need to make a 3+ DEX roll. This guy only has to roll a 1 on 3 dice to save himself!

He’s already looking pretty reliable, and what if I tell you that he can re-roll a bunch of blanks? His Crowd Pleaser is named The Mark. When activated you may pick an enemy wrestler to mark. Until the end of Atoq’s next activation you may re-roll all blank results when attacking that wrestler. Talk about an assassin!


This move deserves a heading in itself. We already know that Atoq is fast and his DEX is off the charts.

Wily allows you to use Atoq’s DEX once per round on any roll! That’s Grapple attacks, his Tornillo, a Clothesline, anything! He can even use it when defending, so it might be best saved for that one deadly attack thrown by an enemy wrestler.

I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be to set up the perfect attack against this wrestler, throwing as many dice as possible into getting the elusive Beatdown, only for him to use Wily and avoid all damage! It’s that fabulous cape that gets in the way!

So there we have it! Do you want a wrestler who is reliably quick and incredibly annoying for your opponent? The Fabulous Atoq is your guy! Do you like the new style cards? Do you have ideas for more wrestlers? Are you just excited for more RUMBLESLAM wrestlers? Have you painted your own team and want to show us? Let us know about all of these things! We will talk RUMBLESLAM literally all day every day (sorry boss).

The Fabulous Atoq will be available this Friday on the TTCombat webstore!

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